Total saddle fit pad problems?

got a TSF pad for horsie. He moves really well, seems very comfortable since I switched to it.
BUT I am starting to see a bald areas on at the back of the withers.

When I intially got the the pad, I had the wither shims in as he is a TB type. Pad/saddle were getting pushed too far back. Pulled the shims, saddle & pad now stay where they belong, but I just notice this the other day, about 2wk after I pulled the shims. The saddle itself has been checked.

They have a great return policy, so I think I am unfortunately going to need to return this unless someone has a fix for me. Anyone have any recommendations on alternative pads?

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What did the saddle fitter tell you about how this saddle fits (or doesn’t) your horse? I’m confused about your use of shims - either they were needed for saddle fit reasons or not.

Personally, outside of specific situations (lesson horses/riders where the horse/saddle/rider combination changes regularly, young horses changing shape rapidly, etc.) I do not like using pads and shims to make a saddle “work” on a horse it does not fit. I’d rather just buy a saddle that does fit the horse and then use the absolute minimum amount of padding under it. And I say this as someone who owns Arabs, so saddle fit is ALWAYS a challenge on my horses! :smiley:

When I bought the horse, he had not been in work for awhile, & had very little topline muscle, pockets behind the withers. He has now filled out considerably. When I bought the TSF pad, I assumed he would need the shims because that is how we had been going, I was incorrect & pulled the shims. When the bald spot started, had fitter come out & recheck the saddle as there had been so much change, currently good, according to him.

Gotcha. That makes a lot more sense with the additional details.

So the saddle fitter thinks the fit is good, but he’s still getting rubs/bald spots? Is there a seam in the pad at the spot(s) where it is rubbing? I’d probably return it, too, in your place.

If you are talking about the pads with the cut out in the front, get rid of it. They do nothing but cause issues with the horses.

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