Track photographer in 1997/1998/1999, keep hitting dead ends


So I’m on the hunt for win photos for a horse in 1997/1998/1999. He raced all over, but in particular I’m looking for either Keeneland or Churchill Downs.

I’ve contacted the tracks with no response, done a lot of research trying to find win photos of ANY horse from those years so I could find a photographer name, reached out to one particular photographer who was very kind but was not doing the regular seasons at those tracks. He gave me a name of who he thought was the Keeneland photographer but no dice, can’t find anything on Google or even FB.

If anyone has any info about who the photographers were at either track during those years, it would be much appreciated :weary:

Horse in question is Royal Strand.


The Blood Horse might have one. I had no luck w photographers, either. However, I found one from 1997 by tracking down connections, and finding the owner, trainer, and jockey (I think I used Equibase but it’s been several years.). The owner had died, but I found his son through the obituary. He still had his dad’s collection of photos. It was a Christmas gift for a friend. Hope this helps! Good luck!!!

According to Royal Strand’s Equibase page, his trainer was Elliott Walden who is now the President and CEO of WinStar Farm. It’s a bit of a longshot but you might be able to get something done there.

Home - WinStar Farm

There is a photo on

Ahhhh tysm! That website is awful, it was a nightmare to get the photo to load, let alone to try to purchase it :sweat_smile: I gave up because it just sat and spun.

I tried emailing Elliott Walden directly, but it got bounced back undelivered (not surprised). I emailed Bloodhorse too, nothing in their photos online but who knows, maybe that have something somewhere that just isn’t online.

Dumb question: did you contact Coady Photography? You probably already did this. I don’t know what year they took over both tracks, but there’s a chance it could have been that far back.

That’s not a bad idea, I’ve contacted them before about other things, so I’ll give it a try.

Of course that was many years ago so who knows if that email address is still good, there’s no current email listed on the website so I just DMd them on IG. Thanks for the suggestion.

The only email I have for them is this:

I don’t have a phone number either.

ETA: I’d probably just email above and say you would like to purchase a photo from any of the following races: (list out all applicable races)

The worst they can say is they don’t have them. But they photograph half the tracks in the US these days and have been in the business a long time, so they might have something.

Also: If you want his Delaware Park win photo, I am 99.9% certain you can easily order it here. Just email Mary Lyons, her contact is on her site :


Ah thank you so much for all of that information, if I don’t hear back from them on IG I’ll email them. I also emailed about the Delaware Park photo, this has all been so helpful. I can easily find photos from recent years, but I’ve been having a really hard time finding older ones.

Unless there was some act of God (basement flooded and the negatives were lost, etc.), you will be able to get the Delaware Park one. I have ordered photos from 1997 from her. She has been there since I worked there as a teenager!


I believe Reed Palmer was the Churchill Downs photographer at that time and Coady Photography was the Keeneland photographer. I’m double-checking that information now and will make a note here if I am mistaken.


did you contact Churchill Downs Museum? it is separate to the track

also the University of Louisville has archives of over two million photographs, I have not searched for racing photos but the track is only a few blocks from the school


Just looked around on Coady’s website and it doesn’t look like they were shooting at either track that far back.

Have you called, or emailed? If you didn’t get an email reply, I would try calling the racing office at both tracks.

Also try calling the Keeneland Library - they should be able to tell you the photographer’s name and may have some photos archived.

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