Tracking collars for cats

Now that my little wayward kitty is back home I am thinking that getting her a tracking collar is a good idea . I will be making a multi state move with various hotel stays and was looking good for something that would help me find her if she got out. Any suggestions/ insight would be great .

Cat collars tend to have elastic inserts that allow them to slip off if the cat gets hung up on something.
Considering the way cats insert themselves in the oddest openings (“If it fits, I sits” :smirk_cat:), I’d expect the (pricy?) tracking collar to disappear.
Better than strangling the cat, but not a surefire way of knowing where they’ve got to.

Maybe consider getting a large, collapsible dog crate.
That way Diana can spend time out of the carrier, yet still be contained in a hotel/motel room.
Helpful if you have to leave her in a room & Housekeeping enters while you’re gone.
Test run to make sure clever paws can’t undo the latch :smirk_cat:


I would get her used to a halter (like a vest) and have her wear that plus a leash even when inside the crate.

And probably put an Apple AirTag on her.


my daughter would use her dog to “walk/watch the cat”


But with it being a tracking collar you can easily find it :slight_smile:

We have been experimenting with tracking devices after a riding accident left my horse lost in a national forest for 24 hours. We keep one on our dog and she lost it in the middle of our hay field. We were easily able to find it.


This, while I plan on keeping both my cats in large crates during the trip I would like a way to keep track of them if they do get out. I am actually more worried about losing a cat in a hotel room then anything else .

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You found the collar.
But would you find the cat? :scream_cat:

I have Tractive on my dog, and they offer it for cats as well.

It’s often off by 100+ feet, even with a clear view of the sky. I can’t image trying to find a cat that’s lost and hiding under stuff. While they tout that you can have it beep or light up, to help find your pet, those things aren’t actually audible or visible unless you’re right next to it. Tracking ability is non existent inside, and it often shows the dog several hundred feet away when she’s sleeping in the house. Outside, it can provide rough direction to go looking, and often that’s all I need (as in, is she in front of or behind the barn?) but it’s definitely not fine enough to tell you where a cat is hiding inside a hotel room.

If you’re worried about losing the cat inside, set her up in the bathroom and close the door. Or have her wear a bell. (Also, it’s super handy to travel with a little handheld vacuum to deal with tracked litter. Highly recommend!)

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I am going to put a tag on my wandering cat. If you are going to be moving around, maybe just put the phone number on it.

I have Apple AirTags on all my cats that go outside. They sell collars that the tags for right into. So far only one of the four has come home without his collar. They work great and we have used them to track them inside and out. I love the fact that I can see when the little demons have made their way back home at night and then start calling for them instead of opening the door every 10 minutes calling like an idiot. The collars also have reflective stripes for added safety.


Just make sure you check and double check the bed platform. Sometimes they look solid but there’s a gap in the back that cats can slip through.

I have a tile tracker that goes up to 250 feet and can also be linked if found by other users. I think it would mostly be useful if you were worried about an escapee that you were hot on the tail of, so to speak. And sure they could lose the collar but it’s still better than nothing at all…