Tractor discounts for equine members

We are looking to replace our John Deere tractor with either a Kubota or Mahindra. Does anyone have experience getting a discount through your equine memberships? John Deere offers it to USEF members. Kubota’s website mentions 20% discount to National Cutting Horse Association and “other qualifying equine memberships”. I’m hoping they will extend that to my USEF, or I might be joining the NCHA too!

There are all kinds of discounts for AQHA members also.

Most of those association discounts require you were a member for at least 12 months, check that out.

In general, if you find a dealer wanting to sell, they can match those discounts on their end anyway if you ask them as you are trading for the price.
May want to try that if you don’t qualify thru any equine association.

yes, thank you, I’m a life member at AQHA too. I was just asking to know if anyone had gotten the discount using a membership other than NCHA. They don’t give a list on their website. AQHA and USEF only mention John Deere.

When we bought our Massey Ferguson there was a huge horse farm only discount. It’s a great tractor.

My recent experience with Kubota was that the equine discount would apply only if you paid cash. I’m in the SW US where, around here at least, the dealerships have territories and won’t sell into neighboring territories, so you basically can’t comparison shop Kubotas–you have to go to your local dealer unless you want to try buying online and having it shipped in (and then good luck with the service department at the local dealer). In an area with multiple dealerships, perhaps they are more flexible. The local dealership had never had someone use the equine discount :roll_eyes:.