Trail cams around 100 or under--what's good?

I’d like one that transmits wirelessly to my telephone or laptop, and one i can watch in real time or save and share. Thanks!

Do you have wifi available where you want to set up the cam?

Something by Wyze might come in under that price point, but your options are pretty limited with wireless wifi options generally coming in more (I think arlo, nest and ring are all over 100 a camera.)

Game cams that don’t transmit can be had in the 50ish range with good pics. But once you want to see real time, the price and complexity does go up.

If you don’t have wifi available, the price goes up quite a bit, since you’ll need 4G cellular service either included or separately.

Thanks, this helps. I do have wifi. I want the camera at the front door which opens onto an enclosed porch, so not only close to the wifi router but a relatively dry space too.

I have switched to tactacam, outperformed my moultries and I have poor cell service here and it still works great.