Trail ride and Camp

I am looking for other people in my area Delaware,Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland that like to camp and trail ride. Anyone?

as a suggestion check for Competitive Trail groups in your area. For years we rode in NATRC competitions, the members at least where we rode were very open helpful ideas as the goal was to get out on the trails to have some fun with your horse. Primary goal was to teach the rider how to care for their horse in camp and on trails so both come back in good shape without harm,

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You could try looking up your local Backcountry Horseman chapter. They may organize group events, lectures or clinics and would be a good way to meet others to ride with.

Hi @Bella18 - I am right in the corner of MD, PA and DE (board my horses at Fair Hill actually). I don’t camp that much anymore but I am out on the trails every chance I get. Let me know if you’d want to try and meet up for a ride :slight_smile: