Trail riding in Sarasota Florida.

I am seriously considering taking my mare with me to the Sarasota area next winter season. Does anyone have a recommendation as to where to keep her down there? I would be looking for trail riding right off the property and a “casual” adult barn culture.

Welcome to Coth! I have a horsey friend in that area so if you pm your contact info, I will put you two in touch.

I have taken my horse to Ocala for a couple of weeks each of the past 2 winters. It was wonderful. Florida has great trails. We rode the Greenway trails, the Ocala National Forest, and San Felasco Park in Gainesville. I think you will have a wonderful time.

Hi there! You want to look at farms in Sundance (Wimaumau…not farm from SRQ) That is the only horsey area close by that has boarding options that go right off to the trails at Little Manatee River State Park (one of my favorite parks)

I’m in Bradenton, right next door, so please feel free to PM me, I can give you barn & trail suggestions!

Thank you! My email is

I go to Sarasota every Thanksgiving and bring my horse with me. I stop on the way there and on the way back to ride different places. While there, I keep him at a boarding barn and he’s in lovely pasture (stalls are available), but I prefer for him to be on grass.
The barn is in an equine neighborhood with riding all around it. I will email you the owner’s info. The farm is on 10 acres, has a dressage ring, jumps, etc, and very nice pastures. It’s east of I75 off Fruitville Rd.

I am following this because I have also thought about bringing my mare down here. She is in such a good place in MD, and I don’t worry so much about her there. But I miss riding. I am in Venice, 30 minutes south of Sarasota.

Also following, as I spend winters in that area. :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for places to trail ride in the area, there are a few. SW florida water managemenet has many recreation properties with trails - google them for info and you can print maps. Other places include Myakka State Park, Carlton Preserve, Deer Prairie Creek, Myachachee Environmental Park, etc.

Lake Manatee, Little Manatee River State Park, Alafia State Park, Rye Preserve, Deer Prairie Creek, etc. All good for what they have, some huge, some small. Also if you take a cruise out Rt 64 in Bradenton to the Causeway, you can swim with your horse. It’s a summer tradition in this area.