Trail Riding Saddle for Bony Girl LOL

I recently bought a used Crest Ridge Saddlery Plantation type saddle. I wasn’t looking for a saddle, but I saw it and I loved all the rings and ties. The seat is super cushy which I need because my butt is super bony. Unfortunately, I have two major issues with the saddle. 1. It wants to tip me forward and 2. the english type leathers are super bulky under my legs. I’ve tried riding in it a couple times to see If I’d get used to it, but no go.

Can anyone recommend a lightweight trail saddle that will not tip me forward, has a comfortable seat, places to attach stuff and non-bulky leathers/fenders? Below is a pic of the saddle I have.

CR Saddle

I find my Abetta Endurance saddles to be very comfortable. I have an old, old one and a newer one with the padded seat and actually like them both.

The sad thing is you never know until you try a saddle if you are going to like it.

I had a Wintec wide AP and it fit my mare well but I hated the position it put me in and I just couldn’t get secure( flopping about , tipping forward) and it felt like I had never ridden before!! . I sold it and found a Duett and the difference was amazing from the first ride.

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If you find something you like and it fits you throw a sheepskin on it! My husband is very bony (6ft 125lbs) and he rode in a rock hard Stubben for years with a thick cushy sheepskin. He did a full saddle cover and not just seat.


Check out Trail Saddles by Steele ( ). They have Western, Endurance, Plantation, and English models, and they will send you a demo to ride for 2 weeks. They will custom build one however you want it, so if you want something other than what the pictures show, just ask.

I’ve been riding a Steele Frontier trail saddle for 4 years, and I absolutely love it. It’s comfy and my knees never, ever hurt. My horse likes it too–no more pinched withers, no more white spots, just a nice even sweat pattern.


I believe you are being tipped forward because the stirrup leathers are too far back on the saddle. I don’t know if its possible to move them more forward on this particular saddle.

If it’s too wide on your horse I can see it dumping you on your nose

I think you are right about this. The stirrups are attached really high up. I looked with a flashlight and it almost looks like they are attached to the tree.

@Ponycatraz - I actually do this with my barrel saddle. I put a gel pad and then a sheepskin. It helps a lot, but still not comfortable for long rides.

@Djones - It seems to fit her really well - nice even sweat pattern and the pommel is nice and high off her withers.

Hmm…are you riding with them too short, then? I’d love to see a pic of you in the saddle on the horse.

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I’ve tried them short and long thinking the same thing, but no luck.

@OzarksRider - I just went and looked at those saddles - they’re beautiful! I love that they let you try them first.