Trail stirrups

Any recommendations for wide-bed cushioned stirrups? I’m still riding in an ancient pair of Shenandoah aluminum trail stirrups but they have begun squeaking abominably and they’re so old I can’t remove the nut holding the top bar in.

My understanding is that Easycare stopped making their EZ-Ride stirrups due to a bunch of reports of cracking and breakage in the last few years. I’d love to upgrade to Clouds but I’m not at a point in my life where I don’t cringe at the thought of dropping $240 on a pair of stirrups…

Riding Warehouse has a few different types of trail stirrups:

I had a pair of these- they’re a little heavier than I like but very decent for the price

I’ve used these stirrups from Etrical. Very light and if you get the Randocal it comes with an extra long footbed so you have more under your foot. Nice to have for long rides. With these you don’t have to have a boot as your foot won’t get caught. They also have a 90degree attachment so your stirrups are always facing forward so twisting.

I can’t find a US distributor, but if you don’t mind ordering internationally they are nice stirrups.

Those with aluminum frames are painful to whack your shins on when you’re carrying a saddle :wink: