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Trailer Dolly

Does anyone ever use a trailer hitch dolly to move their bumper pull trailer around? I need to get mine into a tight spot in the barn due to a new vehicle addition this year and we can’t manage it with the longer towing vehicle we have or the tractor. Wondering if some pushing and a manual trailer dolly would budge it or we would need one with an electric motor, but then if it would have traction on a gravel base?

I had never heard of such a thing. I Googled. It looks absolutely genius.


Any chance your tractor has a front end loader that’s rated for the tongue weight of your trailer? If so what about a clamp on receiver for the bucket?

Titan Attachments Clamp-on Tractor Bucket Hitch Receiver Adapter

We use our skid loader to park our LQ horse trailer because it’s in such a tight spot (we’ve got a specific hitch attachment though) - so much easier than trying to back it in with the truck!


We have had good luck using the tractor for maneuvering the trailer into tight spaces when necessary.

Have you tried it with your tractor? It might be worth trying before buying a new item that you will then have to store too.


If you try one, report back! I feel like that could be a real game changer if it works as advertised.

My old neighbor had one for his camper and it was amazing. If a tractor won’t do it, that’d be a good solution.