Trailer issues-yuk!

Dear All,
I have a 9yo TB I’ve had for 5 years. He came from FL in a 2 horse straight load and apparently travelled fine. Since then he’s ridden in my stock trailer (it’s got solid sides like 1/2 way up. He loads and unloads done but while he’s in there he twirls like a dervish. He’s tied to the side and has a hay net.
He paces back and forth, sometimes breaks loose, has twirled so much he’s pushed the mat out the back under the doors multiple times. I can feel him jumping and kicking whenever a big truck or rattley car passes.
I can’t imagine putting another horse in with him and I do want to get a second horse. And I want to travel with other people or have them ride with me and right now I don’t feel comfortable doing that.
So I was thinking of buying an enclosed trailer. He may do better when he can’t see the road/traffic. But y’all what if he doesn’t? What do y’all think? Anyone had similar experiences?
Huntin’ Fool

Do you have any friends who will take your horse for a ride in their standard two horse trailer to see if he rides better in that type?

Have you tried covering the openings on the side of your trailer to see if that helps him?

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Good idea re the friend. They’d have to be willing to risk a kick to their trailer. But I’ve got some buddies with older trailers-well kicked by their horses. Haha
The other thing is I talked to a trailer guy about revamping mine with stalls and he said it wasn’t worth it. I appreciated his honesty but that’s another reason to try to get a different one.

I second try before you buy! And if you have a really good friend with a rock solid horse, try him with a friend. Wrap them both though, just in case.

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Could you put a hollow metal 6-8’ gate in your trailer to make a box or slant? I would attach 1/2” plywood to cover from the bottom to nearly the top so the horse wouldn’t get its leg through the gate.

It’s possible your guy is getting upset seeing the other cars/trucks pass by. Maybe attach a 4-8’ piece of plywood to the upper part on the head side.

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Would some earplugs help him? I know I jump when an 18 wheeler blasts by. I’ve often wondered how the horses tolerate it!


After putting cameras in my trailer, even my good hauling mare hides her head when they go by so it must be deafening. I plan to put earplugs in, and/or sew neoprene ears onto a fly mask to attempt to quiet it down.


Good ideas all! I appreciate it. I hate trailering horses anyway! It’s very worrying!!!

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