Trailer Latch - Missing Key 2001 Sooner

I just purchased a wonderful 2001 Sooner bumper pull and it did not come with keys. Before I take the latch off and measure the space available to replace the latch entirely, has anyone purchased a replacement key from Sooner? I am sure it is not specific to Sooner, but hopeful that they may have an idea of what the “F” on the key insert with that make/model means.


I’d just replace the whole latch with something upgraded.

Personally I wouldn’t waste a minute chasing a key for such an old latch. Zero value in goods or functionality or time.


FWIW the latch ended up being a Trimark and customer service was able to help me find the correct replacement. The key was a randomly generated fit so that was the only option to get a locking door. It is since been replaced and latches better than before.

If I was looking to replace latches I would look at these that have a code as well as a key.