Trailer modifications

I have a Brenderup Solo horse trailer which has no storage and I don’t really know how well ventilated they are so I’m trying to come up with ideas for mounting something on the outside of the trailer or the hitch for storage of tack and things needed for horse camping and also thinking of installing some kind of fan inside the trailer for cooling. Have any of you done any modifications to your trailers? Would love to hear about them to get some clever ideas!

When I had my Brenderup Baron, it seemed plenty cool enough for my horses with the little windows open and the rear upper storm doors down (I live in a warm climate). I know that the company eventually offered small fans in the horse compartment, as an option in later models.

When I shopped for a trailer at the Brenderup dealer (back when there were dealers), she had some models with the optional aluminum box on the trailer tongue, but it was pretty expensive for the small size. You might want to google trailer tongue boxes to see what’s out there currently.

I ended up not needing one because the Baron had plenty of saddle racks and blanket bars, with a large shelf on which I could store a surprising amount of stuff.

Be careful doing tongue boxes that re not made by the trailer manufacturer. Altering the tongue weight of a brenderup from its factory design can detrimentally affect the braking since it is independently braked.

soloudinhere is correct…EURO trailers are designed for extremely light tongue weight compared to North American designs and the inertial braking is also integral to the tongue design. You do not want to throw off the balance for safety reasons.

A better location for additional storage may be above the wheel fenders, although it will compromise airflow a smidge.

I think we are going to mount above the fenders. There isn’t much room on the tongue. I had seen tongue storage boxes made for Brenderup trailers (not horse trailers specifically, their car and boat trailers) so didn’t think a little added weight would be an issue since they have the same inertia breaking system as the horse trailers do.

I’ve had fans added to all of my trailers since I am in South Fla - it really helps when stuck in traffic.

I’m not sure if you are on facebook, but there is a group on there that converts horse trailers into LQ type trailers. They may have some ideas for you.

It’s called Horse Trailer Conversions II

I travelled cross country for months with my Brenderup Solo. I bolted 3 large tool boxes to the sides of the Brenderup. Then I hung my portable fences on the tool boxes. I used the tool boxes to carry horse stuff. One had all horse boots. Another had lead lines, halters, etc. And the third just had horse stuff.

Worked well. I wound up being not so happy with the portable fences so one of the tool boxes was re-purposed to carry electric fence stuff.

I drilled through the side of the Brenderup and used sturdy bolts to affix the boxes.

With the multi-adjustable windows, I haven’t thought it necessary to install a fan. But it would be a good idea if you find yourself stopping for long periods of time in high heat. I think the simplest way to do that would be to buy a battery operated fan.

I have made many mistakes but buying that Brenderup was certainly not one. I got it new and have since replaced the tow vehicle twice and the horse three times. I love how easy it is to tow. Just don’t forget about it and go through a drive through.