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Trailer Mods

Another trailer thread (I know, I’m sorry!) :sweat_smile: But as I pick up my new tow vehicle tomorrow - no more Uhaul rentals for me, woohoo! - I’ve become fully aware of how much better my trailer could work for my small pony mare now I anticipate using it much more going forwards.

It’s a single horse bumper pull, which is plenty of room for one itty bitty pony. The plan right now is to use the existing chest bar (which is way too high for her) as an anchor point to attach her easy entry cart. I’d like to install something like a stall guard lower, and further back to keep her a safe distance from the cart.

I was originally thinking about another stall guard type thing at the rear because the trailer came without a butt bar - but THEN thought - wouldn’t it be convenient to have a mesh gate back there so the trailer can also be used as a stall while we’re out:


Currently she can’t see out of the trailer as she’s just too little, which seems to make her a bit anxious. Hinges for the gate would be welded at the rear in place of the missing butt bar.

As for organization, all I have at the front is empty space with curved walls. (Again, no separate tack room, this is all one open space). There are a couple of rings up around the perimeter that I can clip stuff to but it looks messy and means everything is up high above eye level and requires leaning over or ducking under the chest bar to get to it.

There are photos kicking around on Facebook of someone who used a garage organization system in their trailer, with metal rails along the long side of their trailer that they then hung mesh baskets from (at about head level) which is what I’d like to implement as I haven’t seen anything better out there (that’s not super-intrusive). I could probably fit one rail opposite the side I tie my mare on, and hang a mesh basket off of it with space for a broom and small muck fork at about window height.

I’m looking for feedback on whether or not any of these ideas (mostly the mesh gate, cart attachment point, and organization system) hold any water or if there’s something I’ve overlooked or haven’t considered - mostly from a safety point of view. I don’t want to modify the thing so much that it makes it impractical for a full-size horse should I ever acquire one (or sell the trailer to someone with one), but it definitely needs something doing.

If you are considering storing things in the same compartment as your horse, question #1 is what those objects will do in an accident. Emergency stop, skid, overturn, rear ender. Will the gear make rescue harder or impossible or injure the horse by flapping around?


Right… something to contain those items within the basket :thinking: That should be do-able. Thanks for the feedback!

I can’t help with the organization much. I just came to say isn’t it wonderful when you no longer have to rely on Uhaul?!? That was a happy day for me.

FWIW, no matter how I hang or secure things in my dressing room, they occasionally end up on the floor.


Thank you! Yes, the freedom to be able to hitch the trailer up and just go is beyond exciting. The renting and collection of the Uhaul was always more stressful and time-consuming than the actual hitching and hauling of the trailer :laughing:

(Not to mention I was always mortified to show up anywhere with a rental pulling the trailer, which is totally a First World Problem, but still.)

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I showed up at some of the nicest thoroughbred farms in Kentucky with a Uhaul pulling a stock trailer. They called me “Uhaul.” :flushed: :rofl:


Case in point.



Use your trailer a few times then start adding d rings at various places around the trailer in useful locations to help secure things. You can also install harness racks on the front wall. I have mine in the nose and I can’t recall the harness ever falling off and I did about 6000 miles with the equipment last year.

I’ve also seen pictures of people who created a storage system of bins along the stall wall overhead, usually offside. If you can do that on a track system so the bins can be removed easily that may be something to consider.

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Yes, this! I’m going to try out the Gladiator GearTrack system, for about $100 I can put up the track (at two different heights) as well as a metal basket and a handful of hooks for things like buckets, harness, muck fork and broom, etc. It will hang opposite where I tie my mare, and will be high enough that it’ll be above her.

After much consideration, the existing chest bar will remain but will be moved further back as well as downward to actual chest height (I considered just adding a second one but wanted to stick with the original look/equipment as much as possible), which I’m hoping will free-up enough space in front to squeeze my cart in!

I’ve sourced new rubber matting to replace the cracked and broken acrylic sheets that line the bottom sides of the trailer, and will add a custom cut piece to the wooden floor up at the nose of the trailer too. Plus a new - longer - butt chain with a black foam pipe insulator tube ($2.29) over top, as the clear vinyl tubing was so expensive ($40).

Oh, and a new trailer tongue box if it’ll fit ( :crossed_fingers: ) to store all the boring but essential non-horsey stuff, like the TrailerAid and wrench, safety cone, etc., that really doesn’t have a home anywhere else.

I’m trying to make as few adjustments as possible so it doesn’t end up looking too jerry-rigged :rofl: We’ll see if the end result reflects that!


Is the chest bar not fully removable? If it is, I would just add another connection point where you need it. Multi height chest and butt bars are an upgrade not tinkering! If it’s not removable maybe look into getting a chest bar that is fully removable and upgrading both spots.

Another storage place is to add a storage box above the wheel well on the side you typically don’t tie. It’s a nice place to store grooming, etc. equipment, or in some cases have it convert to a table!

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It’s removeable, but it’s essentially rusted in place so it’s going to take some muscle to get it out. Great minds think alike, though, because the plan is to add a second connection point so it can go high or low :+1:

That would be next-level organization!

Love your idea for the stall gate in the back as an option when at the show. They do come in larger sizes than the one you posted… I just saw them today at our local T&T Distributors in OCala. Cashmans.com has them 63 inches high…

we did that on the center divider of a two horse as we have Real horses and Miniatures

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My last two trailers have had pony and horse bars, I’ve come to the conclusion this should be standard on all trailers (granted mini is a whole 'nuther level, but pony/horse just seems like common sense)

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Photo of said trailer (currently used to store all the stuff that needs a home!) to help illustrate:

Thanks for the link! The issue with this trailer is that it’s 5’ wide, so the 4’ wide panels are too short and the 6’ too long :roll_eyes: I’ll keep looking as ultimately it would be great if the gate could be properly integrated/welded into the trailer, however, am thinking a single Carri-lite corral panel could also be used to attach at the rear instead (and then be removed and collapsed, of course, during transport).


tomorrow when it light I will take a photo of the new alteration to transport the two goats to California

My and oldest daughter built a solid wall divider to give each goat is on box

Please do, I’d love to see it.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a bracket down both sides of the trailer that the chest bar (and butt bars, actually) could be moved up or down on? So you could completely customize the height based upon which equine you planned to haul that day. Just putting it out there in case any manufacturer wants to take the idea and run with it … :grin:

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here is the temporary conversion of adding divider to the floor for Goat transport

the wall is held in place by screwing the retainer to the wooden wall, nothing is attached to the trailer frame


Huh! That’s very effective. I do like that nothing has to be attached to the trailer frame :+1: Thanks for sharing!