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Trailer Rentals- please help!

Does anyone know of a company that rents horse trailers in the Baltimore, MD area? I have been searching, but can’t seem to find anything. I just moved here from somewhere that had many places to rent trailers so I’m surprised I haven’t found anything.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

How far do you have to move the horse(s)? You might have better luck hiring someone local to haul for you. There are tons of horse facilities all over MD, I would bet you could find one with the credentials to “haul for hire”.

Personally, there is no way in HE** I would let someone borrow my trailer in the metro area. The traffic here is very challenging to haul in, and lots of side roads are extremely narrow. Too many chances of something going wrong.

Rental horse trailers are a very, very rare thing here in the east and in many other areas…I agree with 'moving in that it would be better to look for a hauling service.

It’s not really done on the East Coast. As recently as 10 years ago I knew of two, but both are long gone. There are plenty of shippers available for hire (of varying qualities).

When I lived in the PA/MD area, I didn’t know of anyone who rented trailers. I grew up never knowing such a thing existed!

Now that I live in Tennessee, almost everyone has a rental stock trailer. Feed stores, banks, trailer places… Although while they are quite convenient, they are usually in terrifyingly poor condition.