Trailer roof vent covers for dome vent

The roof vents in my trailer are the plastic dome type, so can’t be open while driving. One needs repair, so I asked the people in the shop about installing the flip up vents that can stay open while driving. They suggested a vent cover instead, which - if I understand correctly - would protect the cover while driving so it can stay open. Like this -
I don’t know anyone with that setup and would love to know how well it works. I’m a little concerned that I won’t be able to open the vent as wide, but I guess it’s an improvement from the current state of things. Thanks.

Following because I’m in a similar position. My current roof vent plastic is broken. When it was fully functional, I could open it in the forward position to let more air in when it’s hot, or open it to the rear position to facilitate air flow when it’s cold, without a direct draft.

I have a MaxxAir vent on the roof vent in my living quarters. It covers the flip up vent cover so the flip up cover can remain open without water coming into the open vent. I would still replace your bad vent cover because you still want to be able to close the vent.

The MaxxAir vents are stationary with the open end facing the rear of the trailer. I can fully open my vent underneath it.

This is the exact model I have.

I have one on my trailer, I have had no issues with it.

Thanks - so you can drive with it open? I suppose it still moves air, even pointed backward.

Yes, the vent underneath can remain open. The MaxxAir vent itself is always open at the rear.

I will also say I’m not sure I would want this for the horse area of the trailer. I feel like it would not provide as much ventilation as a flip up direction vent that you can turn forward or to the rear. I honestly don’t think I have even seen one used in the horse area, and I have looked at and owned a large number of trailers.

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On the subject of roof vents - my trailer has 6 of them but none of them want to move so the opening is facing the front to draw air in, they all face toward the rear. Are they supposed to open both directions? I never knew that until I saw it on a FB trailer page. Maybe I need to bang on them with a hammer?

I suspect it depends on the type. Mine only open one way but aren’t safe to leave open for driving.

I think I’ll talk to the guys more about installing metal vents - I don’t know it it was truly not feasible or if it’d just be more work than this. I’m not excited about this thing. The trailer is very airy anyway so it may not be a big deal.