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Trailer Safety Ratings- Is there someplace to look them up?

I’ve always had 4 Star trailers (late DH was an engineer turned DVM) and he chose them for the engineering. Does anyone know what is on the market that is engineered as well? Thank you! NH

IMO depends on what you mean by “engineered as well”. Engineered for human convenience? Durability/ longevity? Horse friendliness?

After a post by Endlessclimb (IIRC) where her divider post separated from the floor while in storage in her 4Star, I can’t say I’d spend the money on one.

To answer the thread title - there is no standard safety test AFAIK (there is no standard anything when it comes to horse trailers besides what is required by the DOT as far as lighting and braking go).

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Thank you. That’s what I thought… but was hoping someone might know of something.

You might want to spend some time researching trailer problems on the web. I have had great luck with Hawk Trailers. I haul about 10,000 miles a year and each of my Hawks have held up well. I just upgraded because I wanted a larger trailer. I like their strong steel frame with aluminum skin. Their floors are wood and they don’t conduct heat up from the pavement and there are no aluminum floor welds to worry about. They have one piece fiberglass roofs that don’t have seams to leak and they don’t get hot and heat up the trailer.

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Thank you! That’s a good suggestion. And good information about Hawk.