Trailer storage for stuff I want to bring but don't really need often

Does anyone have creative storage options in their trailer for things they like to bring but don’t need very often? I am thinking about keeping an air mattress, a fan and a couple other things that are nice to have on hand, but I don’t actually end up needing very often somewhere up high and out of the way, but still accessible if needed.

The horse portion of my trailer is quite large, probably has room for some overhead storage in front of the horses as long as it was well secured, but the tack room is pretty dinky, and I’d probably need to be creative to find a way to keep something in there.

Does anyone have pictures of their trailer storage that works for them that I might be able to copy?

under the seats of the tow vehicle ? or inside of something else?

One could join the army, there they really tech one how to pack everything into the most confined space. We were limited to three lifts by helicopters to pack up all of the junk needed for our mobile radar unit… generator trailer, antenna and control van …everything including our personal stuff had to fit …or you did without

not sure what your tack room configuration is, but if it has a pointed nose, you could build a storage bench that fits in the space.

This is a picture of the one my husband built for my Hawk. You would not believe the amount of stuff that fits in there and having a place to sit is nice–otherwise I felt like the nose was just sort of wasted space.


I highly recommend checking out magnets as a means of handing things from the walls, racks and roof of your trailer. If you grab a fridge magnet you can check which surfaces are ferrous before investing in purchasing some heavy duty magnets. AMF Magnets have a good range of Neodymium Pot Magnets ( and their sales person is able to point you to the best option for the weight of the stuff you are storing. I prefer the eyelet option although the hooks might be better if you want it to be easy to access the items. Obviously you’d need something stronger than fridge magnets but I found this guideline about how to choose the strength really helpful -

Check out the Gladiator wall system. You can buy all the parts separately, but this kit has some hooks and a nice deep basket that I think would hold small air mattress like a Coleman twin.®-pack

If you’re talking about a queen size double thick one, perhaps not.

I wanted to do a whole wall so I could move things around but it is way too heavy. A couple of the rails it is.