Trailer tack room door locks

There has been a rash of barn burglaries in my area. As a result, we are having to keep trailers, tack rooms etc locked.

It is a huge pain to have to carry a key all the time to get into my trailer tack. Is there a keypad lock that will work with a trailer tackroom door? That’s what we put on the shop & tackroom doors & they are great.

Without a picture of your door latch it is impossible say.

However, there are numerous keypad attachments for RV door latches of different designs. So search for keyless RV door locks and match pictures to what you have on your trailer door. Some even allow both keypad entry and use of the key.

we had a horse trailer stolen out of our driveway, it had a hitch lock on it And was chained to a steel post, apparently the thieves had the tools to remove both …so current trailer is parked behind to fences with a truck parked in the drive

current trailer is specifically insured in our auto policy at an agreed upon value, cost is mere pennies per month, I know its under ten dollars a year to have full coverage on it. Stolen trailer was uninsured, I just assumed it was covered under personal property aspect of the homeowners policy.

Yes. If you look up RV DOOR LOCK they have keypad door locks that will fit horse trailer doors.

When I used to board, I always kept my trailer tack room locked. Always. I just kept the keys in my car so they were there when I pulled up to the barn.

And a lot of times when I am at a big show or race, I am locking my tack room as I walk away on my horse to go to my event. Put the key in my pocket. You just never know with people.

I just use the old fashioned key, but I know you could easily get your own keyless lock installed.

I think a keypad lock sounds like a great solution. I have read that there is a limited number of keys that manufacturers use on their trailers. It seems like a determined thief could accumulate a collection of keys and get into most locked trailers.

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When I was foxhunting, I’d put my truck keys under the left front corner of the trailer floor mat. The few times I ended up with an injured or exhausted horse who couldn’t make it back to the hunt barn, it was a simple thing to call back to the barn, tell someone where the keys were, and they’d come pick us up.

Why not just hide a key? I see the appeal of a keypad though.

no good place to hide a key where it can’t be found by anyone but me. If it is that good of a spot, I’ll probably forget where it’s at.

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I have always done this at shows as well. Doesn’t bother me there so much. Mostly I want it for at home, where I’m out feeding or doing something, want to just get something quick out of the tack room & of course then I have to go all the was back into the house for the key…