Trailer Trim Glue

The trim around the front of my trailer is coming off after 20 years. Any ideas for the best glue to address this problem? Thanks as always everybody.

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Can you share a photo? Might need some kind of glue, might need caulk, might need rivets…

Here it is

I’d probably go for something like E6000- I’m assuming the dangling bit is some kind of rubber?

I’d also make sure the caulk along the seam underneath is in good shape before replacing the trim.

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the rubber appears to be decorative rather than a protective item ?

if removal is not an option then I would try some J-B Weld such as SUPERWELD as it has a one minute set time with a full cure time of 24 hours. The one minute set time would allow for adjustments but quick enough to not have you there all day holding it in place (duck tape would work well) . It is rated for rubber to metal.

full line of rubber to metal adhesives

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