Trailer trip care package

I have a friend who has a two day trailer trip coming (she will have company). Any suggestions for cool things to put in a care package?


All her favorite snacks. Drinks. Maybe some hand wipes or paper napkins. Some little garbage bags. A nice water bottle or insulated mug or folding utility knife if she doesn’t have good iterations of these. Think road trip where you can’t really walk away from the vehicle to stop for food and how messy the vehicle gets when you drive n snack for 8 hours.

For the horses some treats. Presumably she’s got all the bases covered with tack and grooming


Agree. A nice little pocket knife to keep in the truck. Some of those snack packs are darn near impossible to get open without help.

A standard non-locking one with a small blade is adequate and will be legal in all states.

A small cooler with fresh sandwiches and apples and grapes would be nice too.

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To add ideas, on long hauls (8-20 hours in a single shot), I like water, veggies (I actually will buy a small veggie tray from the store), teas, sandwiches or the like. I run 4-6 hours between stops. I skip sodas because of the sugar. Wipes or a pack of napkins is good to have. Oh, I have peanut M&Ms too but that is due to tradition.

I share carrots or apples with the horses at stops, so a 5lb bag of carrots is a nice thing to give. You can give a dash cam ($30 at Walmart) if they don’t have one. I like having one in case things go south. A blanket for the non-driver is nice so they can snooze.

If I stop to overnight, I live in my trailer, so wipes, aspirin, and the like are appreciated.


Am I the only one who doesn’t drink liquids during a long trip? I usually quit after dinner on the day before departure, and only small sips with the road snacks after that. No coffee, no tea, or anything with potential diuretic action. I let the truck fuel supply dictate how often to stop.