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Trailer with hay rack on top -- how to load/unload?

I have a trailer that has a hayrack on top that would be nice use to make more space in the trailer. But how the heck does one get the hay up there and then down at the show/clinic, etc.? I feel like this is a dumb question…but… :woozy_face: Do you use some sort of pulley system? It does have a ladder, but I still can’t see hauling it up and down easily by hand.

I have seen this used. You still need to climb the ladder to arrange the bales once delivered up top, and to unload by placing them on the carrier for the trip down. I have no idea about cost, or if the Bale Bucker is still available.


That is very interesting! I’ve not seen this before. Thanks. (Not cheap, but sure looks handy!)

To load the hay - You use a strong person that can throw the bales up, then someone on top to catch them and organize.
To unload the hay - someone climbs up top and throws it overboard.

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Sometimes the strings pop when you drop them, so be mindful of that.

We used to load the hay to the back of the pick up first, then hoist it up to the person on the roof.

A lead rope clipped to the strings and pulling them up and over is useful too.


Person on top with hay hooks. Strong person passing it up for them to hook. At least one of them needs to be tall. If you have big bales of alfalfa you’ll have to find another system but that works for us for the small 40-50lb bales.

I kick it off the top and hope it doesn’t explode on landing. It doesn’t usually.


Depends. Here we would load it with the tractor or buy it at the feedstore and get them to load it with a bobcat.


I suppose this works on the east coast with little bales, but no way someone is throwing a 120 pound 3 string bale to the roof of my trailer. :grimacing:


I’d be looking for a pulley system. But a quick internet search didn’t come up with anything promising. Maybe there are better ways to search for this, though.

We have a large hay pod and we load a skid up and lift it with the tractor to load it. When we get to the show, we just gently toss them up or drop the back ramp and have someone stand on it and can pass the shavings bags down. We don’t pass the hay though, too messy, we just toss them straight to the ground and its worked for us for the past 5 years.


Thanks, all! Yeah, neither me nor my husband are overly tall, and I don’t think we could toss them up there. I can certainly toss them down, so that would work. I do have a tractor, though, and (duh) didn’t think to use it to load them up. That would work.

I appreciate all the replies!