Trailering the Horse in Full Time Training

Hi all. I have been actively showing for 4 years now in the Arabian industry… and something I have noticed is that clients do not ever haul their horses to shows, not even small little one-days. It seems like in other equestrian sports this is not the case… So whats the deal with it? Do you or your trainer haul your horse to shows? Is there some taboo no one told me about?

Would love perspectives from any breeds/disciplines.

Edit: I think I missworded this. I mean as in the Trainer is very against ( as in gets very angry when its suggested or done) clients trailering their own horses despite adequate experience and equipment. Thank you for the responses so far!

I doubt you will find one general answer that works everywhere for everyone.

I have more than one friend who has shown at Arabian shows and has trucked themselves.
I know lots of people who do various things (eventing, hunters, breed show stuff) that some truck themselves and some have trucking handled by someone else.

I doubt there is a taboo. It is probably just how those people want to deal with the horse thing. Some people are happy to pay for more services and others are happier knowing they can do it themselves.

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Adding to what @trubandloki said, it also depends on who actually has a trailer/truck to haul horses with. With my previous trainer, she hauled all her clients’ horses to shows because none of the clients had their own rig. Those clients didn’t go to shows/meets alone so they had no reason own said rig.

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I imagine it has a lot to do with the individual trainer and the fact that many clients like to have the trainer take them.

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Well, it’s A LOT cheaper to pay for occasional, or even regular, hauling than to buy and maintain a truck and trailer, for one thing…

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Ahh, this is a different beast. If a trainer is /angry/ about clients trying to haul in I’m assuming it is probably due to the trainer relying on the income hauling for clients.

Outside of that, the only reason I could see a trainer being mad about hauling is if they feel the client hauling themselves is more work. Ex. The client is bad at hauling so the horse comes off the trailer ouchie/upset, then the pair proceed to be high-maintenance for the duration of the show.


I board and train at a main ring Arab barn. I have done both - sometimes it makes more sense to go with the trainer; sometimes I’m the only one going to a show so I haul. But, I am also the only client with her own rig.

Trainer has no problem with it. He also knows that I am capable. He even asked me to haul to a main ring show when he had more horses going than trailer space.

If a trainer is getting his/her knickers in a twist because I want to haul my horse with my rig, he/she and I are going to part ways pretty quickly.

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I would guess (since I am not part of the breed show world) that it’s probably one of those ‘in the program’ rules. If you’re in the program, you do what the program does, and the program says the trainer handles all the packing/prepping/hauling. That way, client can’t forget to bring things, show up late, get lost, take too much or too little hay, etc. Trainer manages it all and it’s streamlined comfort and efficiency for all parties.

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Yes, Those big rigs cost money and by letting people trailer themselves, it becomes far less profitable. Also, trainers like to unload full trailers at shows, looks good to everyone else. I can also tell you that when you have A/O hauling themselves, stuff gets forgotten, horses show up late and miscommunication can run rampant.

Now, as an over organized half psychotic OCD personality, my horse will be in my trailer. That way I can measure hay consumed by the ounce and manure levels by the milligram. I can also bring all my stuff, like 2 of everything, 3 if it is important. Okay, well I am not that bad, mostly… I can say if my trainer gave me that kind of miffed response, we would have to agree to disagree or part ways. Every barn is different, I have seen it both ways. Pretty much comes down to how big a payment trainer has on the tow rig…

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I have friends who do the main ring, full training program on the Arabian circuit. In my opinion, and being an independent sort of gal, their trainers sound like absolute control freaks to me. They aren’t allowed to do much with their own horse and that includes riding. It would be totally out of the question to haul to a show solo. Trainers make additional money with hauling, clipping etc. so any do-it -yourself is frowned upon since it cuts into their end.

I guess this really is variable, but we had a horse in training to become a safe child’s horse.

We paid our trainer to train the horse. We did go over what we expected as progress but the trainer had free hand to obtain our goal. Horse was hauled by trainer or their agent where the trainer thought was a desirable event.

We never hauled this horse ourselves until we had the horse in our hands

I do the hunters but the only reason I’ve seen trainers oppose clients trailering is when it’s stressful or dangerous to the horse. I’m an amateur and own and trailer my horse

However, I will never forget the people that bought a bumper pull to pull behind their Mercedes for their daughters (leased) pony. 1. Not a great set up. 2. Not educated horse people 3. Liability of a leased animal and 4. very nice Pony always managed to slip or fall off the ramp and bang its legs up. Not an ideal situation. No one else had this problem shipping it. But these were the same parents who were absolutely adamant that their kid wear white gloves in the pony hunter ring. Alas.