Trainer for a timid rerider near Travelers Rest, SC (tryon?)

I’ve seen a bunch of suggestions from folks on here for trainers and farms in my area and plan to get out there soon and start taking trial lessons to get to know folks and find “the one” but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for my specific request.

I have been trail riding and messing around for the last few years but would like to get back into hunter jumper with the possibility of doing some local shows. I have a mare that I trail ride and am looking into adopting another horse who would be better suited to this plan. In the meantime, I’d like to start taking lessons to get back in H/J shape and access the muscle memory I hope exists from when I was a kid. Im nervous to get back into it (and of course also excited), and I’d like to find a low key trainer/farm that will be supportive while I regain confidence. I see a less competitive and slower paced farm as my happy place. Right now I’m looking for someone who would have school horses I could ride, but wouldn’t mind suggestions for traveleing trainers for when I do get another horse or who might be of help finding a new mount. I will be keeping the horses at home and expect to trailer in or ride at home later on.

I am on the north side of Greenville County, about 30 minutes to Tryon.

Would highly recommend Leslie and Muffin at Top Call in Traveler’s Rest.

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I second Muffin and Leslie! They are great and they just moved to a nice new barn.

Here is their website:

I third Leslie and Muffin!

Thanks everyone. I have a call into Top Call. They’re conveniently extremely close to me as well, would be good for trailering in.


That’s great! If you ever decide to show with them, you’ll have a blast. They are super fun, laid-back, and so good at knowing exactly where you need to be and when.

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Do you know if they have a contingent that does local shows? Either unrated or locally rated (idk if we have that here! In Illinois there was NIHJA for northern Illinois) I really do miss the fun of the shows and I know I’d enjoy it even more as an adult, but I’d prefer to keep it on the less competitive side!

Yes! They usually do most of the Blue Ridge Hunter Jumper Association (BRHJA) shows or Progressive Show Jumpers (PSJ). A lot of the shows are either at FENCE or Harmon in Tryon, but their are quite a few in camden/aiken as well. You can still qualify for year end awards and earn points and stuff, but it’s still pretty laid back and affordable.

That’s all I could ever want!