trainer leaving

My barn’s assistant trainer is leaving to go to a new job. She is moving from the reining world into the cowhorse realm.

I would like to get her something nice as a going away present. This woman is a stellar rider & has become an excellent youth coach & trainer in the time she has been at this barn. I know the kids will go in on something for her, but I would like to get something nice from just my family as well.

Any suggestions? I would like something relevant to her new area of focus, or that would cross over from reining to cowhorse & that is permanent, rather than a gift certificate for a massage or anything like that. I know almost nothing about the cowhorse side of things with respect to preferred bits etc. We are in the land of correction bits as a reining barn.

Probably need to stay under $200. Higher priced suggestions are welcome though, the more expensive item may be something the kid’s are willing/able to go on together & get her.

Look up Preston Williams Hardware on FB. He makes very nice custom bits. They are $265. Out of curiosity, where is she going?

a trainer in CO

I have a western leather carved photo album that I like. And I have a simple tapestry tote with a horse motif that i use everywhere.