Trainers/Barns in SE Michigan - help!

My 14 year old daughter and I both ride. She is currently competing in Childrens at A/AA shows, I am not competing now but may again one day, currently just doing lessons. She wants to do Big Eq stuff and has been unhappy w/ progress she’s making w/ current trainer. Very hard and stressful to even think about moving barns, but want to help my daughter accomplish her goals/dreams. Situation w/ current trainer will definitely not change.
I know several other trainers in area, but am curious about other people’s opinions as to who some of the best trainers are currently in Southeast Michigan. There are a few I’m considering:

Jan Dooley at Hawthorn Hill Farm in Ann Arbor
Heather Irvine at Bloomfield Open Hunt in Bloomfield
Greg Crolick at Bloomfield Open Hunt in Bloomfield
Meg or Polly at Fox Meadow Farm in Temperance

Priorities are
-knowledgable trainer who is supportive and kind (i.e. want to avoid the angry yelling type!)
-horses well taken care of with good and plentiful turn out
-has regularly taken kids to Maclays, etc.

Any thoughts/opinions (on these or other trainers) would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!

Polly Howard is one of the nicest trainers I’ve met and they have quite a program going at their farm. I don’t think you’d go wrong with any of the trainers you’ve listed. I have been out of the area for a while but I understand Scott Alder has done well with some of the Eq kids, too.

I’ve been out of the area for a few years, but I used to lesson with Sarah Haas at Swept Away Farm (Temperance). She is a good trainer, can be tough but has a good amount of patience (her sister Erin is a GP rider in North Michigan). The horses get very good care at her barn, with huge turnout fields – the horses are usually out all day in winter and at night in summer.

Of those listed, Fox Meadow has the largest Big Eq program.

You should come spectate at Horse Shows by the Bay in July. All of these trainers will be there with most of their barns. You can judge for yourself which trainers are the type you would like to ride with.