Trainers in San Luis Obispo, CA?

I’m now at Cal Poly SLO and looking for what’s in the area in terms of H/J trainers. Hoping for a strong riding trainer, some showing, and a good program.

Hey there, I graduated from Cal Poly in 2013 and had my horse there all four years. At the time, I rode out of Harley Brown’s barn. He’s since moved up north, but his old assistant trainer Amanda Garcia now runs the barn and training program.

She’s a great trainer, good with horses, and very attentive to client needs. I would say that the program leans towards jumpers (there were only a handful of hunter riders while I boarded there). While there is a show team, they don’t do the full circuit - mostly Santa Barbara, LA and local Paso shows.

The equestrian center (Oak Park) is owned and managed by a local family who do an excellent job of keeping everything in shape. Oak Park is out in Edna Valley, about a 15 minute drive from campus. There are miles and miles of trails, a huge open field, two rings, two barns and paddocks.

Anyway - I’d definitely recommend Amanda. Let me know if you’d like an intro. AND if you end up riding with her, please say hello to my boy :slight_smile: I retired him with her when I moved out of state and miss him dearly!

Erika Cooper trains out of Templeton Farms in the North Co. About a 30 min drive from Cal Poly, but she is excellent, and goes to a lot of the shows. Definitely worth your time to drive up and talk to her. Welcome to the Central Coast!

Not to mention that Templeton Farms is absolutely, positively drop dead gorgeous. One of my BFF’s has her dressage horse there. I would live in that barn if I could. Behold

There is not a lot of H/J in the area, it’s mostly eventing and dressage. Along with the two mentioned, there is Dana Anderson Equestrian .

I think those three comprise your bigger show barns around here. There are other places but showing may be hit or miss, etc. There are many great people in this community, but if you are a hard core show person, you may find it a little frustrating here. We are just about halfway in between northern and southern showing.

You do have some excellent eventing and dressage options in the area. I’d suggest opening your search up to other disciplines if you don’t find what you’re looking for in a hunter/jumper only barn. The basics of riding and horsemanship cross disciplines, and there is a lot to learn by getting different exposure.

Can vouch for Erika Cooper too - I’ve ridden with her a few times and Templeton Farms is definitely gorgeous.

who are the event trainers down there? I am curious in going to Cal Poly

Bec Braitling is at Templeton Farms, and Andrea Baxter is at Twin Rivers in Paso. Also, Bonnie Sexton is an hour south in Santa Ynez Valley

Gina Miles is in SLO. She goes to a lot of h/j shows.

Just a quick typo correction: it’s Bunnie Sexton.

I worked with Andrea Baxter at twin rivers a few years ago. She’s competed at Rolex and knows her stuff. She is very down to earth and I really liked her approach. And twin rivers has a great xc course. Have since moved away but really enjoyed my time there.

oops, I knew that. Fat finger typo! Thanks for correction

I believe Gina moved north, and isn’t in area anymore