Trainers North of Atlanta GA.

We are looking to find a hunter/jumper trainer for my daughter.

My daughter (11) has been riding for a little over a year. She attended 2 shows last summer. I would say my daughter has the basics down as she has been jumping over cross rails since this summer.

We are limited at our current facility which is small, few resources, only a few ponies, no room for any more horses, trainer is limited on time and more focused on a few other girls she trains.

We are confident that my daughter loves riding and she is very serious and dedicated to doing more. She has already set goals for herself about what she wants to get better at and wants riding to be her primary sport.

We are looking to find a full service stable with a professional trainer where we can have her take lessons weekly. Our goals are to have her learn proper Hunter/Jumper riding and attend shows in the 2015 season. We want to learn about the options of leasing or buying a horse and get good guidance in the world of Hunter/Jumper.

We would like to find a facility with nice people, kids my daughters age, knowledgable people, and a safe environment with a good reputation. Would like to find a facility that attends shows and could help us with leasing/buying in the future. We found out about IEA teams and would like to find out more about that option as well.

We live in Sandy Springs (Just North of Atlanta). We have identified several barns including one here in the Sandy Springs area (near the river), a few in East Cobb, One in Smyrna, and several in Alpharetta. All of these areas are within an easy commute.

We just don’t know anything about these barns. We have visited a few of them and are planning to visit the rest.

Any information you could provide would be much appreciated in helping us make a decision on where to go.


I want to say that Janet Salem (Patchwork Farm) is near there. She posts here pretty frequently. Her barn is nice and seems to have a decent lesson program.

Have you looked into Patchwork Farm in Canton/Alpharetta? We live in Sandy Springs also. My daughter has been with Janet Salem and her daughter Lauren Kissel for 10 years and we have been extremely pleased. She started in the lesson program and has moved up through the different levels. They will be showing at Wills Park in Alpharetta this weekend and next if you are interested in seeing a show. Check out their website Lauren keeps the website up to date with News, horses/ponies for sale, trophy room and the show schedule. You can also see info about their facility, lesson program and plenty of pictures.

I ride at the Atlanta Hunt Club in Smyrna and I really cannot say enough good things about it. We have three excellent assistant trainers and one head trainer who works exclusively with the boarding clients while the assistants work with boarders and with lesson students. If I’m not mistaken we do have a waiting list for lessons at the moment but I would look at the website ( and give them a call!

A third, fourth and fifth for Patchwork Farm. They are honest, have a classical training philosophy, and excel at kids and ponies. You will be in good hands with them.

I have been in Holly Springs at Karen Boysen’s Centurion Farm for almost a year now and am loving it. I am her only adult rider - there are girls your daughter’s age (including the Stirrups Co. models). She has quite a few nice ponies, including the GHJA Finals Res High Point Hunter - JAG Royal Knight. She is a teacher by day and a USEF certified instructor - so I find it very easy to learn from her! The girls learn all aspects of horsecare - Monday was makeover day and included tack cleaning, mane pulling, and baths. Her website is currently down for re-construction, but her Facebook page “Centurion Farm” has her contact info.

Have you checked out Segars Stables in Canton? There are lots of kids your daughter’s age, a lesson program, and Leslie and Alison are great!

Thank you all for the recommendations. I am going to look into the stables that were mentioned.

Check out there is a list of trainers with access to their websites, the most important thing is to be able to communicate to the trainer what you need, good luck and welcome to the horse world!

I’d check out Falcon Ridge in Woodstock.

Sharon Enteen (head trainer/owner) & Kelci Crenshaw(trainer/pro rider) are both great. Sharon has a unique ability to match make riders with great horses. I know they have a couple of nice ponies coming available for lease/purchase due to girls’ growth spurts.

We are going to spend some time this weekend visiting a few stables talking with the trainers there. I am looking at several websites here that have been recommended here and some from the ghja website.

Have you looked at Revelry Farm (Stephanie Pair)? Great group of kids and a nice atmosphere.

On the Patchwork Farm train as well - I’ve been there for four years now and would never dream of going anywhere else (and I commute two hours to ride there - that’s how “worth it” it is).