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Trainers weigh in!!!! shoes on sale horse???

Hey there!

If you are looking at a sale horse would you be bothered/concerned if hind shoes were heart bars?

Horse is 9yr old warmblood–big guy that jumps 3f6i well. Horse is low six figures. Has shown.

Appreciate your feedback

Not a trainer but… These are used for various reasons. It really depends on the nature of the shoe itself. Are you able to talk to the farrier, or ask the seller what they are using it for? I also came across this blog regarding this type of shoe. Gives quite a bit of background info and uses.


As with any horse you are looking to purchase, it will always depend on how much you want to do with them. Some horses can tolerate mild or medium amount of showing with issues. Others cannot. I think you definitely have to ask some more questions like, Why is he wearing them? How long has he been wearing them? What might happen if we took them off? Did something acute trigger the first application? etc

Good luck!

This horse is low six figures, so over 100k? Ask why it’s wearing heart bars, they should give you the answer knowing you will be doing a very detailed PPE and find out anyway.

That answer will determine whether you should make an offer or not. Without knowing the reason, can’t say yes or no just based on the footwear. Depends on what it’s been doing and what you will be doing too.

Not a trainer here either but that what those I know will tell you…it depends on why and suitability for intended purpose. In any price range.

I would expect the seller of a horse with any sort of ongoing treatments (such as specialty shoes) to have a vet report available to me to explain why the horse has this treatment. I would expect them to be forthcoming with all the horse’s recent vet care.

But…a lot will depend on the PPE vet’s opinion on this type of shoe and its use. Some vet’s know more than others about farrier work and specialty shoe use.