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Training barns on east coast for hunter jumpers

Ive been having some trouble with my 7 year old recently (a big majority is rider error) and i want to stop the problem in its tracks and prevent it from giving him bad habits. it would also give me a chance to ride other horses and kind of ease my mind a bit. Are there any reliable, productive, and great hunter jumper training barns on the east side that i could possibly send him to for a month or two for training? (please don’t comment about me avoiding the problem or anything, i just want to see what options i have). It would have to be super reliable and have no record of abuse. my guy is really prone to being over sensitive so i want to see if a good hunter rider can calm him down a bit. Comment what ones you have experience with, thanks!

East side of where?


@Sueby east coast of the US. preferably Nothern as well.

Ahhh, wasn’t sure if it was East side of a city or East Coast.

That said, I don’t have any recommendations but good luck finding someone!

The East Coast is still a pretty big coverage range… where are you based and what is your budget?

Sunny Stevens

Doubt much will get done in a month or two, six months is more like it. Will be expensive just to ship there and back.

Can you try a state? Northern East Coast could be PA, NJ and up - if you are reading this from Florida. “I live near Mystic Connecticut and would like to keep him in the 50 mile radius”

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Neal and Elisa Shapiro. Both former Olympians. Excellent quality care and training. www.hayfeverfarm.com
Robbinsville, NJ

what states are you looking at and what is budget? unfortunately makes big difference in that area-spent most of my life there

Only a month or two?