Training books for jumping

Does anyone have any recommendations for books on jumping that focus on the rider and the rider’s position/actions when jumping? I’ve got a couple of books that focus on teaching the horse how to jump. They do have some blurbs about rider position, cues etc but I haven’t been able to find own that solely or even mostly focuses on the rider.

Geoff Teale’s book.

show jumping by john smart hes still an active trainer both in usa and england and has taught some the best like pippa funnel, etc
show jumping preparation training and competition by john smart his son is active race horse trainer to in usa john still hold clinic and can if need be have lesson if hes in your area can be contacted via fb

Reflections on Riding and Jumping by William Steinkraus had more food for thought for me about the rider’s role while jumping than, I think, any other book I’ve ever read.

Not that there are some perspectives in the book that are at the least out of fashion and which I suspect many would take strong issues with, but I don’t think it’s so relevant to the core material.

“Form Over Fences” by Jane Marshall Dillon. There are several copies on Amazon for $20.00 or less.

This book is packed with pictures and is about the rider jumping from take off to landing. Each picture is critiqued, explained, and solutions are given for the rider’s problems.

This is one book that deserves to be re-issued. My riding teacher values the copy I gave her.

Hands down I would purchase the book: “Anne Kursinski’s Riding & Jumping Clinic: A Step-by-Step Course for Winning in the Hunter and Jumper Rings”