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Trakehner haflinger cross

Hey everyone, I’ve had my mare for 7 years now and would love to see if there is anyone that also has a trakehner haflinger cross. I haven’t really found anything on the internet and I think it’s an interestion combination of breeds.
My mare is 151cm tall (15 hands), and is a flaxen chestnut. Her colour is interesting because she has barely visible white hair scattered on her coat and has 3 colours in her tail (white, black, chestnut). She can get moody and stubborn at times, but is mostly extremely sweet and loyal. She inherited her mother’s (haflinger) bad hoof quality and gets fat super easily but other than that she is healthy. She does dressage and endurance and I am very happy with how she performs.
I was thinking about breeding her with a trakehner stallion, but might just skip that and buy a trakehner one day when she gets ready for retirement :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of or have a haflinger trakehner cross? Would love to hear stories.


Your mare is adorable! I don’t think cross breeding Haflingers is very common at all so I can’t comment on that but I will add that “usually” buying a foal already on the ground is a better bet financially and a way better bet emotionally.

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I’ve seen (and sat on) a few. Usually mixed with something to lighten them a bit. I find the finished product often looks a bit like an old style Morgan or all-purpose ranch Quarter Pony. The few I’ve met have been reasonable under saddle and usually easy to teach how to drive a cart.