Transferring Paper

Not specifically racing, but Jockey Club related!
I’m in Canada, and in the process of buying an OTTB. How does transferring the papers work? Is there an online process, paper work I need to print off and mail, etc. Or do we just make up a bill of sale?
I’ve never bought a registered TB before, and I’m having troubles finding information on how to transfer ownership.

Your OTTB should come with Jockey Club papers. The previous owner will sign them over to you on the back. Then you can create an account on the Jockey Club website and do a Transfer of Ownership there. That’s all you need to do.

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It can also depend- they don’t always come with papers in the “aftermarket,” but then you just do a regular bill of sale. I just bought my 3rd ottb, he is the first one who has come with papers, so I do technically have them, but I don’t worry about getting them transferred bc he is a gelding, so there is no need for that. I still have a legal bill of sale.

If you are looking to breed & register things, then I can see that extra step being of interest.

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