Transitioning a horse from California to Utah "How to?"

I may have a nice place for my 18yr old (slightly stiff, navicular horse) to live out his last years. It would require him to leave California and begin to live in Moab area of Utah. Worried about weather transition. I have clipped him October 2012 and not since. If he left soon (June 2013) he would have summer to settle in then need to grow his first Utah winter coat. He would go from his current in/out paddock to a pasture with others. No covered area.
My question is would he acclimate to that first winter?
Anybody out there done this before? I appreciate all suggestions.

heck yeah. I moved a baby (6 months) once from corona, ca to Wyoming. Left corona in a heatwave and got to wyoming in an october snowstorm. oops. horse went from 103 degrees to 39 lol just make sure your horse has lots of hay to eat and keep warm and can move around. They’ll grow a coat. Never had one with an issue yet.

moved from California to Idaho with my TB gelding. He did just fine and grew an enviable winter coat :slight_smile: I, however, froze my ass off. Oh, one thing to check on - they vaccinate for different things here than they did in CA. Wish I would have known that/looked into it before my horse developed Potomac Horse Fever :0 (he’s fine)

Good to know, thank you.

I will inquire, thanks!