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Transport recommendations

So, shortly I will be moving down to San Diego from the central coast. My horse will be following me later as I want a bit of time to settle in and personally look at the possible stables.

However, I do not have a truck and trailer so I will be looking for a transport company or individual to help me. I did this once before and lucked out in finding a super nice older gentleman who drove him to his current stable. But I feel a lot more comfortable with recommended people. Does anyone know of an individual or company who drives that route regularly?

I’d check with Bob Hubbard first–they’re all over CA.


I just used Deer Meadow Acres Transport and Laura Kipp. Both can be found on facebook.

I moved my 2.5 Knabstrupper colt from Anza, CA to Orlando, FL. He was in great condition when he arrived. She keeps in contact ( calls 2x a day) and sends pictures daily. Her prices where cheaper than any quote I received from any company too.

Deer Meadow Acres Transport and Laura Kipp

should read Deer Meadow Acres Transport owned by Laura Kipp