Treadstep DaVinci boots

This is sort of an off shoot of the other “looking for durable boots” thread. I have the DaVinci’s and I’m really not so happy with them. I’m wondering what other’s experiences have been. This is what I don’t like (my boots are about 2 years old)

Leather is super soft and comfortable but not durable. The black comes off on the sponge when I clean them (I’m not scrubbing to hard) and makes me worry that by next year they will be a weird shade of vile green.

They don’t polish and in fact look rather dull most of the time even when clean.

The sole of one boot split in half under my instep - dunno why.

I’m still getting blisters on my achilles tendons - the zipper is kind of weird around there and bunches up.

I expect the calf side to wear a lot, but the leather on one of my boots is shredding a little.

Anyway - after spending a lot of cash (for me) on these boots I’m thinking that they might not last very long. I’m only using them for shows and taking very good care of the, hence the unhappiness. Don’t think I’ll be getting another pair unfortunately.

Do you love your Treadsteps, or are they not working for you? Just curious.

I’m a total bargain shopper and replaced my 10 year old Ariat Crowne Pros with a pair of clearance price Da Vinci’s earlier this year. I have worn them 10 times at most. They’ve been a bit tough to break in, but are a nice enough boots for about $150.

I can’t attest to their durability, as I just haven’t worn mine enough, but they have been rough on my ankles. So far I’ve had good luck wearing the Equifit gel bands. I also haven’t tried to polish my boots, but they don’t look like they’d get much of a sheen.

I’ve had a very similar experience. In fact, it is my Tredstep Donatellos that I am replacing in that thread! I bought mine a year ago and loved them so much. A year later…not so much. I ride in them probably 4-5x a week and after a year, the leather in one inside calf is almost worn through and the other one is close. My ankles/heels look ridiculous with all of the scars/rubs/blisters. And mine too get black all over the tack sponge when I clean them. The boots look great and fit great, I just wish I could love them as much as I want to!

I bought two pair of the Da Vinci’s at the clearance price earlier this year too. I’ve had great luck with them so far. I ride in them 3-4 times a week and they’ve held up nicely, although it has only been a few months. They do chew up my ankles unless I wear the gel ankle bands. As far as the lack of sheen, I have noticed that but I’ve also never tried shining them up. I’m very happy with them for the clearance price I paid.

Hmm, I haven’t had those experiences with my Da Vinci’s. Mine fit really well and I’ve had no issues around the ankles. I can wear mine comfortably all day. I think the leather is decent quality, the calves on mine are wearing as much as I would expect them to for how long I’ve had them. I will agree though that they don’t polish very well and do look a little dull.

I love my Raphaels, which are just like the da Vinci’s but no laces (don’t see the need for such laces with such nicely fitting boots). Anyway I love them. They look pretty slick and are very comfortable. The tall slim fit me perfectly, I am 5’7" and about 125 pounds.

However, here are a couple of tips.

Don’t buy your boots so tight in the foot that you are forced to wear thin socks. I like socks that come to about just below the widest part of my calf. My Tredsteps were comfortable from day one, and no ankle rubs, but I attribute that to a little cushion from the socks.

Second, they are a bit matte, but I just went over mine with some spray shine from the grocery store, which gave them a nice dust resistant finish that will wipe nicely at the in gate. All in all, I am as happy with them as any I’ve had including customs. I clean mine with diluted Murphy’s in a spray bottle, and don’t mind if some black comes off. The grocery store had some nice liquid wax too, which is easy to apply. Clean with Murphy’s, let dry, apply liquid wax periodically, let dry, then the spray shine.

I hate my da Vincis. I am glad i only paid $150 for them. They are so incredibly uncomfortable. I don’t think the leather shines up that great.

I will keep them for shows because they do look nice when I am on the horse, but it’s going to be one of those on/off as quickly as possible.

In Oprah speak - they are my 20 minute boots!

Nines, thank you for the Murphy’s Oil Soap tip - I’m going to try that. I also had no idea Equigel ankle thingy’s existed! So much better than duct tape :smiley:

I have a pair of pull on Crowne Pros that I use for every day and love them. I’d show in them but the Treadsteps make my ankles look so much better. Appy, you are so right about the 20 minute boots!

I have a pair of da vincis. I only paid $100 for them, so I really can’t complain. I am on my second season of showing in them. They are comfortable to ride in, but the zipper digs into my heel when I try to walk in them. The leather on the inside of the boot is quite worn considering the amount of use they’ve had. I’m most disapointed in the way they have dropped. The zipper wrinkles in the back instead of laying flat against my calf. If I would have paid full price for them, I would have been very disapointed overall.

I’ve had mine for about two years now…the first year I barely wore them since I was fighting w/ stretching the calf. For the past year I have worn them for shows/clinics. Now that the calf issue is solved, I don’t hate them anymore. Don’t love them, but I’m not desperately trying to sell them anymore!

Like others have said, they rub the crap out of the back of my ankle. They are great in the saddle, but I can’t walk around in them. The gel band was too thick for me to wear with them, but I seem to have come up w/ a way to deal w/ it. And I just take them off when I’m done. If I don’t need to walk around in them, I don’t! I wear the thin zocks style socks and slip on regular ankle socks over to give some cushion.

I’ve only had them polished once but the leather color/shine doesn’t bother me. I haven’t had any issues w/ the durability or wear of the leather/boot itself. No excessive black coming off on the sponge. I use Effax for cleaning.

I own Donatellos and I can’t stand them. I hate them. It seems like one boot is one leather and the other is another. I am scarred on my heels from blisters. They are not durable at all. I really don’t like them, unfortunately :confused:

A small but practical hijack:

Can you DaVinci owners give me your Best Practices for cleaning/conditioning/polishing them? I have a pair bought at the TOTD closeout and am finally breaking in. Don’t love 'em, especially the leather. My comparison for looks, feel and care is the french baby calf of Dehner/Vogel world. Unless the boots are made from this, I won’t buy 'em. That means so many well-cut but off-the-rack boots won’t be drinking tequila shots in my closet.

So how do you care for the coarser leather used in the DaVincis? I assumed I’d treat them like my old custom boots. Ideally, that would have been some Vogel boot (lotion?) for leather just once in a while. But that stuff isn’t made any more. Any modern equivalent? Think of it as Horseman’s Onestep Lite-- but very liquid.

Then (or without it), just polish only-- black everywhere but the inside and clear on that part? Anyone done it this way and produced a decent shine?

Or should I not bother to try to make these boots look polished as I would traditional custom boots and take care of the leather some other way, more like tack leather?