Tredstep Solo Pro Jacket

I’m searching for a new jacket and need opinions and reviews of my top choices. As of right now I’m most likely getting the new Tredstep Solo Pro Competition coat, the one with changeable collars. I liked how it fit and I think the collar options are cool, especially because my IHSA coach likes traditional coats for our competitions, but I’ll use the colored collars for regular shows.

But, I haven’t read many reviews (good or bad) about it, so I’m a little nervous about getting it without hearing complaints or praises… I’m big on reading a lot about my purchases before I make them. If you have this coat or know people who do, do you like it? Has it held up well? Does the slight bulkiness of the collar bother you?

I don’t own it, but I’ve seen it at Dover and tried it on. It feels very nice for the price, and the way the collars attach is pretty nifty - you can’t really see it unless you go looking and flip the collar up. I would recommend trying one on, though. I grabbed a 6, which would be my normal size in RJ, and it was HUGE. The smallest they had was a 2, and even that was gaping through the waist and boobs. So I think they are cut much differently than the size chart would indicate.

I have it. I love it. Very lightweight. It fits me a little loose (I ordered the next size up) so I have to tailor it, but I’m very happy with it. I think it runs pretty true to size but it fits true to a woman’s size, not a twig/model. Mine had a very generous bust (a plus for me, I have big boobs) and I love the material. It feels kind of dense but is very lightweight… I rode at a show in the sun in high 70s and barely noticed it was on.

I forgot my hunt coat at my last show so I bought one. It’s the best coat I’ve ever owned (not that that’s really saying all that much… but it’s way better than my Grand Prix soft shell.) I LOVE the zipper under the buttons so that they always lay flat instead of pulling or bunching. I didn’t notice the collar being bulky at all. I’m on the curvy side and it fits me great. It does run large - I think I’m a 6-8 in RJ and I ended up with a 4 in the solo. I can’t speak to the durability yet, but it feels heavier and with a better stitch than my Grand Prix.

Now the real question is: When is someone going to start making custom collars for it so I can have any color I want??