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Tricky leg protection - recommendations please!

Leg protection looks like it’s going to be a bit problematic this winter for my guy, so I’m posting here for some advice!

Alright, some background information. I have a sensitive skinned OTTB who interferes and is pretty rough on his hind shoes (the winter studs get worn to sharp points. He has to have hind shoes, so going barefoot or with just fronts is not an option and since we are located in NH studs are a necessity). The other barns I have been at I have been able to use either Woof Boots or Nunn Finers year-round without a problem since the footing either wasn’t the greatest/firmer or was a synthetic mix. Any boot but the two listed above end up destroyed within a week. The new barn I’m at has wonderful sand footing however, that means it is also getting trapped in the brush boots (and turning my horse into a hairless wonder).

Currently I’m using polos for flatting but with the wearing down the studs problem, the polos won’t stand a chance once he gets winter shoes. I’ve looked into the saratoga bandages but can’t find any information on if I need 9’ or 12’ to go over porter boots. Which also raises the problem of where to find 12’ saratoga bandages and porter boots? I’ve found the knock-off Richland boots with inconclusive reviews.

Any recommendations? Basically I need something to protect against interference, doesn’t hold sand, and that can stand up to inadvertently sharpened studs.