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Trigger finger…the condition, no guns here

I woke up during the night, with a very painful hand, locked into a ‘claw‘ position, managed to straighten it out, and middle clicked as I did it…being awake I tried opening and closing my hand a few times, result, clunk click every trip.

ETA, it is only my middle finger that was locked, the rest were just sore, I could straighten the rest quite easily.

Eventually got back to sleep, then woke up this morning with it locked again, once I got it straight it has behaved all day, just aches like an aching thing.

I see a few older threads about cortisone injections, and surgery, but nothing, in a quick search, about what to do on day one! Dr Google and I agree that it’s trigger finger, so ignore it and see what happens, go see Dr sooner rather than later, splint, or not to splint….any advice hive mind.

Also ETA, it was that painful last night, kind of scared about tonight!

I had it very badly in both hands, one at a time. I went to the doctor for the first one about 15 years ago when my hand locked around the rein of a young horse I was riding. Had surgery and all was well. I had the other hand done about ten years ago. Both surgeries went well, easy recovery time and very little pain. My left hand, (the older surgery) is starting to get a bit of a hitch again especially when it’s cold or damp, so I’ll be making an appointment soon and not wait until I’m stuck to another horse.

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Likely trigger finger, but a bit unusual to have all 5 fingers go from no trigger to full on claw. (There are stages and grades to the disorder). Have they been stiff before? or clicked or clunked around occasionally?

In any case, along with seeing the Dr., I highly suggest seeing an Occupational Therapist / Registered Hand Therapist for an opinion as well. They will be able to splint if needed as well.

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Trigger finger sounds odd to me for all your fingers at once. Dupuytren’s contracture is a possibility, too.

I would see the doctor ASAP, as this stuff is very uncomfortable and I don’t think there is much you can do at home. I’ve had two trigger fingers (one on each hand). I had the worst one injected with cortisone 25 years ago, and it never recurred. The other one resolved itself as soon as I got on appropriate RA meds and my inflammation was reduced. I wouldn’t jump to surgery for trigger finger.

If it’s Dupuytren’s contracture, that’s a different animal altogether. I’ve certainly heard of surgery being successful for it, but that’s as much as I know as I have no personal experience.



I recently had a case of trigger thumb. I consulted Dr. Google and followed the do-it-yourself treatment (anti-inflammatories, wearing a thumb splint and such). None of those helped so I broke down and went to the doctor.

She gave me a steroid injection and said it should improve over the next 1-2 weeks. It was mostly gone after about a week and completely gone by 2 weeks.

If it ever happens again, I will immediately go to the doctor and not waste time trying to treat it myself.


Could it be carpal tunnel? Maybe? I’ve had several trigger fingers and it usually is just one finger it bothers. I’ve also had carpal tunnel and that made all of my fingers lock at night like you describe. Cortisone injection fixed both issues. Splints did nothing for me but ymmv on that. I wore a splint for the carpal tunnel but braced against it so hard in my sleep in made matters worse. Hope you get sorted! My trigger fingers always give me the willies when they get stuck!

I’d go sooner rather than later–I’ve had 4 surgeries for TF releases, and when my thumb started, I went in–1 cortisone injection, and 4 years down the road, never happened again to that digit.


I’ve got a thumb that has been injected twice. Each injection lasted several months but…doc says they can only inject twice and it’s locking up again. Dam*#@! And it hurts when it locks- as you know. He says it’s a minor surgery and just need two weeks not in use. That’s the next step when it gets too painful. Luckily it’s not my dominant hand and I can do my barn work with just my leftie. At least most of it.

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I also had Dupuytren’s contracture on my left thumb once 16 years ago.
That thumb had been dislocated decades before.
Hand doctor injected it with a cortisone preparation and has been fine since.
Try a hand specialist now, they are busy, calling now may get you and appointment for weeks later.

You’re thinking even though it’s been injected twice that I could get something else and be OK? I did go to a hand doc. That’s who injected it. Might have been cortisone.