Truck too Tall - get smaller tires?

My 3/4 ton truck is a little too tall and makes my trailer a little off level. Not by much. The tires are really big IMO.

What problems would result in my getting smaller tires? The truck is not here now so I am not sure about the tire size. I can update it later today.

Are the tires stock? Changing tire size impacts your odometer & speedometer.

Can you adjust the trailer at the coupler? If not, the answer is probably to have the trailer raised.

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GN trailer. If I lower the coupler then it may hit the tailgate. I am not sure if the tires are stock. How can I find that out?

There should be a sticker in the door jam on the driver’s side. Compare to the tires on the truck.

See #4 here:

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You can get a tow ball that is angled to be lower. I am not sure of your set up.

It is a gooseneck so the tow ball cannot be adjusted. The tires are the factory size 275 70R18. other than the speedometer/odometer issue what would a negative aspect be for using 275 R17?

I am going to ask my tire guy but catching him when I have the truck and he is not swamped at his store is difficult and will take me a while.

Is the trailer level when the horse and gear are loaded?

Unless the tires are crazy big you probably need to either raise the trailer or lower the truck. I would talk to a trailer dealer/repair place.

well for one, 17 is the rim size, so you’d need all-new rims as well as new tires if you want 17s. You can’t put a 17 tire on an 18 rim.

What you are asking is to potentially change that 275 number but the overall diameter has to be the same or your speedometer and odometer will be wrong and you will potentially wear your suspension.

It’s relatively easy to lower a truck. If you only need an inch or so, blocking the trailer axles would also work. Lowering a truck via the tires would not be a solid recommendation. and lowering/blocking the truck or trailer is also likely to be cheaper than $1500 for 5 new tires.

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You can get the speedo reflashed no problem. The suspension angles are more problematic, but not as much when going smaller as larger, due to the reduction in rolling resistance. What will change is the gear ratios.

@Bopper, look at bigger tires for your trailer. Next would be blocking the axles on the trailer. Next would be new trailer or flat bed on the truck (least appealing options for obvious reasons).

Boy, this is going to be a HOT topic lately, isn’t it? These super tall new trucks are really causing issues.

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