Truck/Trailer Insurance

Who does everyone use for truck/trailer insurance. I have used allstate which started out great but the 6 month rate hikes have gotten ridiculous. I know last time it was difficult to find a company to do the horse trailer. Any recommendations? Truck & trailer are over 10 years old, I really just want a not ridiculous rate!

I have State Farm and am pretty sure my rates have only ever gone down over the past 5 years or so. I have never received a huge rate hike from them. I have never had to file a claim though either. Insurance on the trailer has been $16/year the entire time I have had the policy (8 years.)

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USAA…we have all vehicles and the trailer added to the policy as a separate item at an agreed upon value …cost is, well near nothing… two horse bumper-pull steel trailer we agreed on a value of $7500… cost to insure the trailer is $1.08 per month

I just had a huge insurance battle because GEICO decided to not insure the type of truck I had any more. Ended up going with Progressive for my trailers and cars and Harford Mutual for my truck

My truck and other vehicles are currently insured by GEICO. I don’t have insurance on my trailer. It’s covered under the truck’s policy while towing, and if a tree falls on it at home, I will just sadly pay for a new one out of pocket.

Progressive for both vehicles and the horse trailer.

We use State Farm for our home, all vehicles, and my horse trailer (coverage for trailer is stupid cheap, about $30/year). I can’t say they are the cheapest around but we’ve been happy enough with them and they did cover my only recent claim without issue or raising rates (hit deer with Mini Cooper, or more accurately, deer hit Mini).

Geico has all of our policies. I just traded down to a bumper pull, they had no problem covering it.

Allstate canceled our homeowners in Florida a long time ago, and while I understand they had to reduce exposure in the state due to hurricane losses, they will still never get another penny from me.