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Trying in off course...treasure hunt for a bit

Posted over in Around the Farm and was advised to come here. Looking to find a particular bit.

Brand is Korsteel but doesn’t have to be. 5 inch or so, three rotating stainless steel balls. It’s not the Pessoa bit, nor is it like the Myler system, waterfords, etc. I actually contacted Weaterbeeta (make/distribute Korsteel) to see if they could help me with that bit. No luck. Anyone have one laying around?

I remember seeing these awhile back but I don’t remember what they are called!

Some quick googling leads me to believe this is a knock off of the Pessoa magic bit that may not be being made anymore.

I can’t imagine it works substantially different than the Pessoa magic. Do you NEED full cheek? They also made that in a d ring.

There is one called a contact waterford snaffle that has a mouthpiece similar to that:


Here is another style:


Wanted to mention, one older western trainer, that has competed and won plenty, wrote in one article that the last year he had been using a bit he never thought he would ever consider and ALL his horses are going wonderfully with it, for training purposes, happy and soft as ever:


I am not sure that is what he meant with a “smooth chain mouth piece”.
I had not even seen a bit with a mouthpiece like that, just found it interesting.

Maybe the name had something like rotating ball in it?!

If I am seeing the photo clearly, it’s different than a waterford and more like the Pessoa magic. There’s no links between the balls like a chain, the balls are sort of string along by little protrusions that connect to the next ball. So the balls can spin/rotate for busy-mouthed horses— they work a little different than a waterford which is more like a super big, super thick, rounded chain.

The Pessoa really is close, are you sure it wouldn’t work?

I’m sure the Pessoa bit would work, but I’d love to find the Korsteel version if for no other reason than to accomplish it. I’ve seen the Pessoa bits floating around but had no idea Korsteel made a similar bit until recently. Dee ring would work. Has anyone seen the Pessoa bits like this in something other than a loose ring? That’s all I seem to find recently!

I know the Pessoa one comes in a dee ring as I had one. And just recently sold it - sorry. I’ve only seen them used lately, on different tack sale groups and eBay.

Have you seen them in a 5 inch? For some reason I keep seeing them only in a 5.5!

I don’t know if it came any smaller – mine was a 5.5" if you measured just the straight part of the mouth. Since it curves at the ends, it was hard to know just how to measure it. I did use it on a smaller horse (that I mostly had 5" bits on prior to that) and it was fine on him, so you might be able to get away with the larger size. Plus it depends how they measure it since I’m not sure if the curved ends are included or not.

I remember reading something a long time ago about fitting waterford type bits that you’re supposed to go either a half inch up or down and can’t remember which. It would make sense if it’s mostly offered in a 5.5" though if the rule was half inch up, since 5" is the most common bit size.

The Pessoa magic came in a D and a full cheek and a loose ring. I have some, I can check what they are.

This one comes in a 5: http://www.equestrianoutfitter.com/catalog_detail.epl?product_id=5311

Cinderella, here is your glass slipper…


If you don’t want it, I’m tempted to buy it just because it’s a unicorn.

You probably should send the OP a PM in case she doesn’t see this post. (Nice find!)

I am not sure it sold, the listing has ended. Might write the seller and see if they have it still, or if they have more. Amazing find!

AMAZING find! I’ll contact the seller and pray to the bit gods!

If nothing else, ask the seller to give you the item number off the tag so you can see about getting this from Korsteel directly.

It’s been sold, so back to the drawing board. Weatherbeeta owns Korsteel I believe, and they were of no help in finding the bit. Bummer