Trying to find a horse that I bred that was purpose bred for dressage : Happy Update!

Through the magic of social media and the kindness of strangers, I have found Lennox. I am so happy that I cried. He has landed in a great place with real horse people who are committed to him and love him. I am over the moon!

Searching for Lennox. I am a small breeder of sport horses. When my babies move on to new homes, I keep in touch with the new owners and take delight in following their careers. I know where all of them are except for one. Lennox’s owners auctioned him and did not let me know so I couldn’t bid on him. He was sold and the previous owners won’t tell me where he went of facilitate contact with his new owner. I am hoping that through social media that I can find him.

Lennox was bred for dressage and as a young horse had extravagant movement. He is by Paganini Crown a Grand Prix dressage stallion. I heard a rumour that he was sold to a Hunter rider in Florida but that may have been a red herring. He could be anywhere in the USA and and training in any discipline.

Please check the link to the auction and reach out to me if you have heard of anyone getting a new horse from an auction last summer that sounds like Lennox.

Hilton Hall Sport Horses

Hilton Hall Sport Horses, East Gwillimbury.


Sorry to hear this happened to you, I had something similar where a horse I trained and then sold as an eventing/dressage project ended up at a rescue. Have you tried posting in warmblood, dressage, and overall sales groups on Facebook? That’s how I found where mine was.

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Hello Sprite. Thanks for responding. I have posted a few places on FB and quite a lot of people have shared the post. Do you have any specific suggestions as to where to post? You were lucky to find your horse.

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There are quite a few groups: “Dressage Trainers, North America”, “Dressage Anything”, “Dressage Horses - Available Catalogue”. “Dressage Network”, “Horses for the Dressage Rider”, “Sport Horse”, “North American Warmblood Horse Connection”, “Dressage Warmblood Horses worldwide”, “Young Hunter/Jumper Prospects in North America”, “Hunter, Jumper & Equitation Horses In North America ONLY”. There are more but these are a good place to start and hopefully people in these groups will share the post so it will gain more ground.

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You are the best kind of breeder. I wish you good luck finding Lennox.


This might be a stupid question, but will the auction company tell you who bought him? I don’t know how sport horse auctions work but with thoroughbred (race horse) auctions, the buyer and the seller/consignor are listed in the results.

I hope you find him!

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So sorry this has happened to you. I will keep my eyes peeled.

Wonderful news! I’m so happy for all involved (except the jerks who sent him to auction and wouldn’t help you).


So glad to hear you found Lennox!

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Love this update! So glad you found him!

Great to hear that you found him. We deleted the duplicate threads on this topic.



So glad you found him! I am always glad to hear of a happy ending!

Amazing story. I always find these types of stories “amazing” and heart lifting. Congratulations!

How nice that community helped out. I bet the new owners would love some baby pictures. So good that you can now follow his career.

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I sent them baby pictures! They were so happy to get them.


The auction company has their terms published online. They won’t give information on the seller or buyer.