Trying to find a new higher end saddle for my horse?

I recently just purchased a horse and he has relatively high wither and wide shoulders. I have a Pessoa AMO but looking to upgrade and it just doesn’t fit my horse quite right-the back sinks and I needed to use a riser pad on him when I ride him. I have been researching into CWD, Devoucoux, and Butet but I also heard that Devoucoux and Butet don’t really fit horses with high withers? Can someone with experience in higher-end saddles give me some suggestions?

I love my Antares, but some people don’t. Mine has held up really well knock on wood, is super comfortable for all day/week riding. Do you have a fitter near by who can give suggestions?

I got a butet for my tb x dutch warmblood horse who definitely has more wither than the typical warmblood. He’s actually kind of tb-like. I am really happy, and it was not custom padded or anything.

Actually my Devoucoux Biarritz fits my high-withered, wide-shouldered horse perfectly. No pinching, and when I sit in it I can see daylight clear under the pommel all the way to the back. I did not buy it new, but lucked into it. So I know it can be made that way. Talk to a Devoucoux rep and see what they can do. I have often said that I’m taking my saddle to my grave with me. I love it.

You’ll never know until you sit in several saddles what will work best for you and your horse. Do you have an independent fitter near you that can let you ride in multiple saddles?

If you must deal with brand reps, try to schedule several to come out, don’t get roped into one brand because of their sales tactics. Purchasing a saddle should be fun, don’t let yourself get pressured into something you may regret later.

All that being said, I would go Butet before I went to Devoucoux or CWD, just based on saddles I have fit for owners who had been sold saddles that “fit.”

Antares is another option. . .I prefer English made saddles over the French, so my list would include, Bliss of London, Black Country and County before any of the others.

Take a look at the Bruno Delgrange saddles. French made, really nice balance. Work well for the higher wither. I love mine. I also liked the Antares and CWD’s that I tried, but when I sat in the Bruno - it felt like the saddle was made for me.

It’ll come down to your personal preference so try as many as you can.

I, too, vastly prefer English saddles over French–but if you have to go French, I’d check out Voltaire. That’s one I actually didn’t mind.

Is there anyway you can get a certified, unbiased saddle fitter out who can help you with the leg work of figuring out what would best fit you and your horse? Let me tell you–some of those saddle reps are extremely slick and could sell you twine as a bridle if you’re not firm about your needs.

My horse is built the same way… My Nona Garcia Prestige fits him wonderfully

Prestige! <3

My CWD fits my tb who has super wide shoulders and average withers. The cutout panels work perfectly for him. Sit in as many as you can my Voltaire was nice, but pinched in the shoulder after he bulked up a bit.

Why does it have to be French? why does it have to be “high end”? How about “one that fits me and my horse”…
Get an independent fitter out. I have had a series of horses with high withers and big shoulders and have had County, Albion, and Black Country as some good options.

My local Prestige dealer is getting in a Prestige Passion in for me this Fri to try. I have a high withered, big shouldered, short backed TB. I’ll let you know. It has shoulder relief and is wide.

Custom Alibon

I have the X-Meredith. It’s amazing. If you have a good budget try the new Xperience. I sat in it at a tradeshow and I immediately wanted to sell my Meredith lol

I have the X-Meredith. It’s amazing. If you have a good budget try the new Xperience. I sat in it at a tradeshow and I immediately wanted to sell my Meredith lol

Can someone recommend a good saddle fitter in VA area?

I’m having a similar issue these days. I have an Antares that I love, but it does not fit my mare any longer. I was told to go English vs French and to get a wool flocked saddle. Some suggestions were: Black Country, County, Frank Baines, Stubben, Barnsby ( out of business though). Evidently the English trees fit high withered horses better than the french… unfortunately.

I swear-every single person I know who has a high withered horse ends up with an Amerigo. They are the best for hard to fit high withers!

I second an independent saddle fitter. Mine is a big fan of English vs. French for those with large shoulders, in part because the English trees tend to have shorter points for less interference in the shoulder area. I ended up with a County which are known for doing well with high withers.