Tryon accommodations and staying on site in your trailer

Does anyone have experience with non-hookup RV camping at the TIEC?

Their lodging office says they only have hookup spots, no non-hookup spots, so I am just curious whether people stay on site without getting an RV spot or if you pretty much have to pay for an RV spot or hotel.

I’m pretty sure you have to get an RV spot. They regularly patrol the trailer parking to find people camping in there without paying.

We just did a HT there in September and there were lots of very affordable and close AirBnB options. Closer than any hotel I could find and way less $$.

That’s what I was afraid of - thanks for the intel!

Thanks so much for this suggestion! I poked around on AirBnB and found something way more suitable to my budget than anything on the TIEC site, thank you!

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Interesting, I’ve spent the night in my trailer many times in the summer and fall in a parking lot without needing to pay to be there. I happily pay for a hook up if I need my electric. It’s kind of crappy that your trailer is parked there anyway and you aren’t using anything extra that they’d charge you just for sleeping in your dressing room. Do they come by and shine a flashlight in and look for you in your jammies?