Tryon International Three-Day Event 2021

The Course Designer works with the fence builder and their team, most times the organisers and technical delegates are also involved from an early stage, then along come the Ground Jury who check everything on the course before they agree it is suitable for the competition, then all the riders and the trainers and the hangers-on walk the course and they can ask for change to be made. So, not sensible to blame an individual: it is very much a team effort to keep horses safe.

You are 100% correct that the riders can ask for a change to be made, but it appears in this case they did and were ignored. Likely there are still several parties that were involved in denying that request, but in this particular case it seems closer to individual accountability than holding all of those groups equally responsible.

Then the responsibility rests with the Ground Jury as the event only runs on their say.

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I only said that because CMP is notorious for building courses the punish horses for mistakes or misreads. There’s only so much the TDs and GJ can do after a course is built. (Not to mention the politics and wrath that would incur if someone dared say anything to a course designer doubting his/her ability to do their job.)


and you know he gets the final say, let’s be real here.
He was already crying to H&H that eventing is basically too soft these days.

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