Tryon International Three-Day Event 2021

It looks like there will be a live stream on USEF network. For information about entry status and ride times, I typed in

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Is this a YR competition too?

Interesting that there were 2 eliminations in the 4*-L dressage. Did anyone see what they were rung out for?

They didn’t pass the first trot up

Ah, okay. That wasn’t clear by the scores.

Cross country looks great so far in the 3*-L. Commentators are Sinead Halpin-Maynard and Cyndi Kurth and doing a great job!

Ah, now we’ve got KOC for the 4*…


That ditch and wall in the back is causing a lot of problems. 3 down so far there!

Does anyone have pictures of the ditch/wall? Holly Payne Caravella posted on social media about it not having a ground line even though riders asked for one.

The 4* S showjumping replay is available on the “live stream” which was slightly confusing early in the morning when I checked to see when things would start today.

Did anyone stream the jog / when did/does that happen?

It started this morning at 8 but I couldn’t find a livestream anywhere.

Livestream on USEF Network is back up for showjumping on Sunday

I love, love, love that Woods Baughman and Sharon White when 1-2!!! Will Coleman coming in 3rd is also awesome.


Very happy for Tik Maynard winning that huge 2*L division!

What’s next for live streams, or are we done for the year and have to wait for spring?


In the comments to that post, she included 2 photos:

  1. They painted the ground line after a fall (I think the hold for the girl who’s horse jumped into the ditch after Bobby fell). She did note that the painted ground line also didn’t seem to help, so after a few more horses went they did add a brush ground line.
  2. What it looked like last year.

Isn’t it against the rules to modify a jump after the course has been opened for competitors to walk? If the fence is deemed dangerous it should be removed from the competition not randomly modified as horses run through.


Bold is mine - I think it would be ok in the case of a fence being unsafe/viewed as an exceptional circumstance. It is possible with where that fence was, that it wasn’t as easy as simply removing it from the course? I know there is water on one side and the ditch continues to left of fence, but am not sure of path around as I haven’t seen it in person.

537.2 Modifications
After the courses have been officially shown to the Athletes, alterations may be made only in
exceptional circumstances and/or when specifically requested by the Athlete representative or
Chef d’Equipes and agreed by the Ground Jury in consultation with the Technical Delegate and
Course Designer.
Any such modification must be notified to the Athletes at the Cross Country briefing.
After the Cross Country Test has started alterations may be made only when exceptional
circumstances (such as heavy rain or hot weather) make obstacles or a test unfair or dangerous.
The decision will be taken by the President of the Ground Jury after consultation, if possible,
with the other members of the Ground Jury and Technical Delegate.
In such cases, the Chefs d’Equipe and every Athlete must be officially and personally informed
of the alteration before the start of the phase or the test concerned. Where appropriate, an
Official must also be stationed at the place where the alteration has been made in order to warn
the Athletes.

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This bothers me. Yet again an example of knowing what causes issues on course and yet the designers are specifically keeping those designs in.

It has been found ground lines reduce the risk of falls significantly. Riders asked for the ground line and yet still, horses had to fall for something to happen?? Apparently riders complained last year too and got the ground line. Wow just wow

NOT acceptable.


Another Mark Phillips special…


It’s because CMP has his head stuck firmly up his derriere and doesn’t believe in horse safety.


Thank you! I saw it on Instagram…I will check out the FB comments.