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Tucci Boot Sizing Help!


Thank you to everyone that replied!

I ended up going with the same size calf but a longer length (39H), and they are a good fit.

I think my right calf is slightly bigger than my left because I had some trouble breaking that one in vs the left but much better length. :slight_smile:

Hi all!

Last year I purchased custom Tucci boots directly from them to save a bit of money rather than purchasing from a store here in Canada. I’ll admit, not the wisest move since they were a great fit when they came but have since slid and now look ridiculously short! Maybe about an inch to an inch and a half below my knee.

It is embarrassing to wear them tbh. Especially as I have thicker legs and it just isn’t elegant.

So I went to purchase off the rack today. The girl put me in a 39 F which zipped up over my jods and socks with ease. They sit JUST below my knee. She said there is no way I would fit into the size down but I always thought you had to stretch out leather boots for the perfect fit?

I want to return them and try for a taller, tighter fit but I am right at the edge of the size down so I am worried about doing that.

My measurements:

Length of Calf: 47cm to back of knee
Calf Width: 35.5 cm at widest point with jods.

I am thinking I should go for either the:
39 H (larger size) or 39 G (smaller size).

For reference, I also purchased the mini chaps years ago in a M++ which length-wise fit amazing but they stretched out too much in the calf.

**My question is: Is going up 2cm in size too much for the length? And would it be unrealistic to think the smaller calf-sized boot would fit my leg at 35.5 cm? **


Oh - just incase this matters: they would be the Harley version.

Edit: My image of the size chart didn’t show up. Here is a link.

Hmm I’m not sure on the width but I think you will want to go up a size in height regardless.

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I think it makes sense to do at least that. Thank you!

Have worked in boot fittings. IME, if it zips up without a fair amount of effort, the calf is too big.I tell people you want it to be a little hard to zip up as you break in, so that they will stretch to fit your calves. I would say size down width wise, spray rubbing alcohol on the insides, and try to break them in around your house for a few weeks.

Ditto to what the other poster said re: height

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Did you buy from Sprucewood here in Ontario?

I was beyond happy with the service I had with their boot sizing. I’m a funny boot size. Average size foot (size 8.5-9), with short and skinny calves for my height and weight. Had to “custom order”, which is more of a semi-custom with off the rack sizing. I tried on what I could in store. They could figure out I needed a size down from what I tried on in both height and calf. Ordered the boots… and when they finally arrived (which took forever, not sprucewoods fault) I’ve been happy with the final result.

If it is with Sprucewood, trust their employees.

If it’s not Sprucewood, yes, size down. Mine were stupid tight and a hair too tall when I brought them home. I recall my husband laughing as we tried (and succeeded) zipping them up with just boot socks on and shorts. He thought I ordered too small, they’ve broken in nicely now and am happy with them.

Exactly this.

If you are on the lower end of the calf measurement, I’d size down because they will stretch.
As for height, if you are 47 to the back of the knee, expect some drop, so I’d size up there.

You can use heel lifts to help alleviate some of the break in height wise, and I always told my clients to never zip up the whole way for the first little bit unless you were showing to keep the integrity of the top of the boot and save the back of your knees while you were breaking them in.

Yes, it was from Sprucewood but the show one. I did call the main store today and the lady agreed if it is already just under my knee it will slip down once broken in and be below the knee. She also agreed it shouldn’t have zipped up with easy to the top on the first try. Especially fully dressed with breeches and socks.

I also found photos of when I first got my customs on and they sit in the exact same spot. I will be switching them out for the taller, smaller version for sure!

I have always had great customer service from Sprucewood!

It could have been that I gave the sales girl at the show trailer the impression I wanted them to fit today but I am happy to endure the break-in process. I definitely don’t want to be forking out $1,400+ every year for new boots when the ones I originally purchased stretch out and I am unhappy with the look again. :see_no_evil:

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Thank you! Heel lifts are an excellent idea!

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Thank you for the tips here!

Yes, the calf went up to the top without issue. A little tight over the widest part of my calf but again, that’s fully clothed and I was still able to get it to the top of the zipper without a struggle. I have always had to break boots in so I should have known this before paying.

But I will take everyone’s advice here, and size up in height and more than likely down on the calf.