Tucci Ego7 Problems

I purchased a pair of Ego7s a few years ago. Prior to that, I had two pairs of Tredstep Donatellos; the original pair were the correct size, and the second pair was too big as they were purchased cheap and intended as temporary. With the Ego7s, I took time to measure and consult with the company before purchase.

When I started breaking them in, the process was similar to breaking in my original Tredsteps. My partner had to zip them for me, my calves hurt walking, they felt best riding, etc. But it took a long time before I could zip them myself at the barn. And they hurt longer than my Tredsteps did. The zipper busted twice on the left boot (my left calf is bigger). But after the second zipper replacement, the boots seemed broken in within a couple weeks. They didn’t zip up super easily, but they weren’t a struggle anymore.

Then I had surgery on November 10 and didn’t ride for about 5 weeks. The boots were in a heated tack room during this time. When I returned to riding, the boots were difficult to zip, and I couldn’t get the left boot all the way up. After 6 rides or so, the left zipper split and it took my partner 30 minutes to work it down so I could get it off. I haven’t worn them since.

I’m not sure why the boots, particularly the left, got so tight again. I’m guessing that the non-leather part doesn’t breath and adapt like like leather. I don’t think my legs got bigger. I’ve lost weight since the surgery, and I doubt I’ve gained muscle mass as I haven’t been riding/exercising. My coach suggested edema, but my limbs don’t really swell. Even when I badly sprained my ankle, there was barely any swelling. My calves are quite lean and I don’t see any swelling.

Now I don’t know what to do. I’m getting sick of the break-in process. I could have the left boot expanded…with a gusset? But I’m hesitant to do that because I know that the boot can fit and I’m worried that it will be too big in a few weeks if I put in a gusset. I’m particularly leery of over-sized boots these days because once when wearing the too big/temporary Tredsteps, my horse bolted and I tried to drop my whip. The whip landed in the space between the top of my boot and my leg, and twitched about. I remember thinking “That is the X factor that’s going to kill me. After all the bolts, and bucks, and bad spots, that trapped whip is going to kill me.”

I survived and am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what I should do.

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It sounds to me like they never fit you in the first place, besides the zipper issue.

The manufacturer needs to make it right.


It doesn’t sound like it’s the manufacturer’s fault to me. It sounds like whoever measured was just a little off.


I don’t know whose fault it is, but agree that it sounds like they never fit properly in the beginning.

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Have you gotten the boots wet? I always want my new boots so tight that I can’t initially zip them up. In fact, I’m sitting in a pair of Deniros in my (home) office right now hoping to get them to the point where I can wear them with a pair of breeches (right now I can only get them zipped if I have nothing on my legs - and only that after putting them on and only zipping them halfway, then a little more, then a little more, many times).

I always soak new boots and then zip them up and wear them until they dry. With these, I ran them under hot water in my sink (only from the ankle up) and then got them on. My fatter leg made my foot go numb, but an hour in and I’m starting to feel like they aren’t squeezing me anymore. Figure it will take a few more hours for the leather to dry.

If you’re just putting the tight boots on and hoping they will figure out the shape of your leg…well…that works over time, but it takes forever!

The zipper busting is another problem. I ordered a pair of front zip Deniros that did that the first time I put them on. I consider that a zipper/boot manufacturer issue, and I would be upset that the zipper split. They should be able to take being zipped even when they’re really tight.

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PNWJumper – you seem to be describing a version of the “bathtub method.” I considered doing the bathtub with the Tucci’s, but I let my partner talk me out of it even though doesn’t ride or deal with leather. Maybe I just need to take the plunge so to speak. I just hope I can get the zipper up again without it splitting.

I have never understood why people like their boots so tight that they are difficult to zip.


I had two pairs of Ego7s. The first pair broke in wonderfully, but I do think they were too big in the calf originally, so they ended up stretching so much that I could fit a finger in between my calf and the boot.

Second pair, I bought them one calf size smaller. They initially broke in fine, but they were similar to yours. It seemed as though they would just, “tighten up” in between rides, to the point that each ride felt like I was breaking them in again.

They started causing some issues with my legs, so I ended up getting a pair of DeNiro Tricolores to school in. They have been wonderful, and I’ll never go back to the Ego7s.

I had this happen with a pair of Ego7s too. I bought a pair and they fit perfectly- first ever pair of off the shelf boots that really fit me. I loved them. Local tack shop I bought mine at was having a sale a few months later and I bought the exact same boots in the exact same size to have as a back up pair around when I inevitably needed a new pair (these are my dailys). I tried them on at the shop but just a quick zip up. So 6 months go by, my other ones need to go get fixed for something or another, I pull the new ones out. Left zipper completely blew out over and over while riding. Of course, can’t return because I bought them 6 months earlier. Ego7 won’t help. It was a mess. Shop ended up discounting another pair of Ego7, again same size, and those fit fine, no issues. I replaced the zipper on the “bad” pair and they ended up in my rotation and were ok. Moral to the story is I think Ego7 has some variation and quality issues. I actually was just telling someone I’ve quit buying them despite loving the fit. Too many issues. OP- you may just have a off fit and bad zipper in that one boot. Sounds exactly like my experience.

I had no luck with Ego7s I bought last year. The day they arrived I went to try them on the the zipper immediately split and jammed - right above my anke, I hadn’t even gotten to my calf yet. I had flashbacks to getting stuck in my old pull on Vogels, but managed to get out of it. I didn’t even take the other boot out of the box. I bought them from Smartpak and had no problem returning then which was lucky. I ended up with Ariat Kinsleys instead.

The idea is that if the boots can be easily zipped right away, then they will be too big once the leather inevitably stretches. This held true for my two Donatellos. The original pair were painfully tight and hard to zip at first, but became perfectly snug and comfortable with time. The second pair that zipped up easily from the beginning became too big, with a gaping space at the knee where by whip got stuck.

Thanks to everyone sharing their Ego7 experience. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone even though it looks like I’m in an uncomfortable position. And it’s nice to know that other people are spending money on replacement boots! For now, I’ll try water.