Tucker Classic Equitation Endurance Saddle-

Just starting to look at getting an endurance saddle for my OTTB mare- has withers but not shark finned, back is somewhat flat. 16.2 hands if that even matters.


I normally ride English and this is described as a good cross over saddle for someone like me.
Anyway I would be interested in any comments on this saddle or recommendations for something similar

Also can anyone comment on seat size for these saddles? My English saddles are 17.5

AFAIK, Tuckers are measured the western way, meaning you would want a 15.5 if you ride in a 17.5 english saddle.

What are you looking for this saddle to do that your current saddle doesn’t?

Yes, they are measured like Western saddles and tend to be on the roomy side. IMHO they are HEAVY and put you in a bit of a chair seat but they are comfy and well made.

Have you looked at Specialized saddles, specifically the Eurolight or International? I would put them above Tucker for a saddle that gives you an English style seat/ leg underneath you. Plus they are very adjustable

I looked at Tucker and then bought a Steele. They can be customized to your horse through their fitting process.

This saddle is going to be for Mr. Mukluks (same seat size as me).
But I am going to use it too.
I also like that it has lots of tie rings.

I am generally happy to trail ride in my jumping saddle!

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I had a Tucker endurance trail saddle several years ago. A few notes from my experience:

  • The seat padding is great if the seat fits you correctly. Definitely try before you buy if possible.
  • Some models, including the one you linked to have a very steep rise to the seat. Great for security if it fits you, painful if if doesn’t.
  • Most Tuckers will ride at least 1/2” small due to the padding.
  • I agree many models will put you in a chair seat. If you are mostly walking that may be fine. I hated the one I had for trotting - I could not get balanced at all.

They are very popular saddles and many people rave about the padding. I ended up selling mine - I just couldn’t find a comfortable balance with it and the seat was too narrow and steep for me.

They have a longish tree, front to back. I loved my Tucker but it was resting on my horse’s kidneys; horse is short-backed. It was very easy to sell.